diablo 3

  1. Wooot

    Season 21 Group Meta Speed and Push LFG List

    Rather than have set teams for grouping, I think we should list all of the member with builds and interest in running speed leveling runs and/or greater rift pushing. If that concept is something everyone agrees to do, I can update this thread to list members and their builds for grouping...
  2. XxRoYaLxX

    Builds: Wizard is OP

    Hey guys just thought I would talk a little bit about wizard and the unfortunate way the wizard has become far too OP. So for the more casual players if you want the best all round class to play in diablo 3, look no further than the wizard. Wizard has a place in the meta with star pact or...
  3. Wooot

    Diablo 3 Season 15 Hype Train

    With no other games around to interest me, I will be jumping on the season 15 hype train. Hopefully I get a better start this time around and find the class/build that suits me best. I'll see you on discord. :cool:
  4. M

    Diablo 3 - EU Server Chapter

    Hi all, i want to let you know, that there is getting a growd together which is playing on EU servers with EU times ; ) We don´t have one who is "responsible" for this, but it would be nice to have one who even takes care of gamenight events etc. (I´ll not, cause I´m traveling around the world...
  5. AGenomeSoldier

    Possibility Of EU Game Night?

    The times and information from the weekly indicate that it's all going to be happening on the NA servers. Sunday would be the only arranged time that would suit EU players, but that's been marked as NA Non-Seasonal. I was wondering if any other EU players would be interested in playing at a...
  6. K

    Season 12 Partying up for leveling

    I live in West Coast and season 12 will be starting on the 9th at 5 pm local time for me. I'm not super super hardcore but looking for people to come play and level with at start of season. Will be doing challenge rifts at start to get some shards so I can get some early level rolls. I plan to...
  7. Grimnaut

    Grim#1664 - Add me if we've played togeter...

    I just want to play, roster, no roster, clan, no-clan....I just want to play. Add me via Grim#1664 or find me in "Fever Clan" or "Greater Riftings" community chat in game. See you in game.
  8. Linessah

    October State-of-the-Company Address

    State of the Company - July 2017 Hello my fellow Feverians! Welcome to the quarterly State-of-the-Clan address! As usual, I just wanted to make a broad post bringing everyone up to speed on the current state of affairs. First and foremost, I want you all to be assured that having a...
  9. F

    Diablo 3, season 10, console, Europe?

    Hi all, I am new here, and this season (10) I am playing on console (Xbox) and am located in Europe. Any other Europe based console fantasts here who would like to game with me? Also, if anyone know how the regions are set up on the console, please share. Best, firetapestry755
  10. Salty

    GR 90 done baby!

  11. Salty

    Farm Team Six

    Looking to push higher rifts and farm gear faster? Come join me! Settling in well to the clan and hoping to play with some chill peeps. I'm a tryhard Impale Demon Hunter this season so all you Demon Hunters out there needing help with builds and gear let me know! Btag: Salty#11459
  12. S

    Exited for the Necromancer?

    As many of us might know your probably going to be able to play him at Gamescom 2017, after the Gamescom is over he goes live or ptr in 2-3 weeks. Which corresponds with what blizzard said about him being released in the second half of this year. is anyone as exited as me to hear the...
  13. Grimnaut

    Achievement/Portait - Darkening of Tristram :: I sense a soul...

    I have all the pages if anyone is looking for them. Just hit me up in game! Cheers
  14. TwistedFaith

    Preparation (Chapter 1 - 4 Season Journey)

    Figured I'd post it here so everyone who didn't play PTR can get ready. Basically the same story as last time if I'm remembering correctly. Chapter I Complete A Nephalem Rift. Complete 5 Bounties. Socket 5 gems into your gear. Raise Blacksmith to level 10. Raise the Jeweler to level...
  15. TwistedFaith

    Season 9 Leveling (3 1/2 Hours in S8)

    Hey guys, Here's a google doc that I'll be using for S9 leveling and Haedrig. It's super straight forward but I figured it might help people who are new. It got me to 70 in 3 1/2 hours last season and we were actually one of the first groups to get the six piece as well. (Checked leaderboards...
  16. Biorni

    Hello everyone

    Hey everyone my name is Biorni and I am the newest member on Fever, I joined so I can be a part of the Diablo 3 clan cuz thats the game I am currently playing. Looking forward to play with you all Biorni :):)
  17. NobleLion

    Network issues connecting or high latency? Try this

    Hi all, Recently I've noticed that I had very bad lag in-game, and I had to do some workaround to even log on. My battlenet kept saying it couldn't connect, but I clicked Go Offiline, and would get to the game launcher so I could press Play. Once I pressed Play it would give me the Diablo 3...
  18. NobleLion

    Absence from Diablo 3 Season 7 - just for a bit

    Hi all, My mom had an unscheduled surgery on Friday and was released from the hospital on Sunday. I've been helping her adjust to some things while she goes through physical therapy. While the surgery wasn't for anything super serious or life-threatening (it was arthroscopic surgery on her...
  19. ValarMorghul

    Thoughts on Your Season 6 Starting Class?

    Hello! I am ValarMorghul, yes my name came from Game of Thrones. :smiley_simmons: I am new to the clan and would like to introduce myself to all the D3 players here. I love Diablo 3 and look forward to playing with you all! What classes will you be starting off Season 6 with and why??
  20. DurandaL

    Gem Leveling

    It's time for another event !! The Season isn't over yet so This Sunday, April 3, starting at 3PM EST we will be running Greater Rifts galore for our GEM LEVELING EVENT Please farm Greater Rift keys ahead of time. Groups will be assigned once the event starts post here...
  21. remast86

    Diablo II LoD comeback party!!

    Not really as exciting as it sounds but I'm gonna start playing Diablo II LoD again now that it's been updated for newer windows versions. If anyone feels like playing through on a character feel free to join up! You can pm me your acc or post it here and I'll send invites. Going to be playing...
  22. NobleLion

    Blizzard servers down since 2:17 AM EST

    I was in-game having a good run (of course) when I got booted and haven't been able to login since. BlizzardCS still reporting that the outage is being worked on as of 3:10 AM EST. Oh well, at least it's not a phishing expedition that I thought I was getting set up for when I got the...
  23. NobleLion

    Keep it or salvage? Here's one way to determine

    Hi all, Some of you mentioned not being able to decide on what to keep, what to salvage, and what to cube. All that gear adds up doesn't it! Here's a link to a page on the website Icy-Veins.com which I have used to see if any piece of gear would be used in builds for all the classes. It...
  24. 8 Bits

    Looking for a mentor to help me understand the game

    Hey I'm just looking for a mentor who I could ask questions about diablo 3, such as how to advance, I'm at point X what do I do now. Any help would be cool, if you're interested post your battlenet id below :) ~8 Bits
  25. DurandaL

    [Fever] Crusader ranking

    FEVER RANKING — TOP 20 CRUSADERS SEASON 5 Rank NAME TIER TIME 1 codenamev 84 14:01 2 DurandaL 77 11:25 3 ZEROSIX 75 12:26 4 Grim 75 13:00 5 TouchIt1066 75 14:35 6 BlueShadow (aka Smurrf) 74 12:47 7 Muldred 74 13:21 8 Brathra 74 14:10 9...