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  1. Caity

    Development: October Game of the Month Outline Thread

    Path of Exile Genre: Action Role-Play Game (ARPG) Games Release Date: October 23rd, 2013 Photos/videos of the game: For more a more in-depth walkthrough of the game watch the following video playlist -...
  2. V

    Biweekly: Meet the staff project

    Meet the staff! This project would alternate weekly with the Member spotlight the Members activities team currently is in charge of. The schedule would be. Week 1 Members spotlight, week 2 Meet the staff! Throughout the course of this project we would pick officers, generals and...
  3. Kesem

    Fever Live Auction

    During our most recent meeting snailey brought up the idea of a live teamspeak game auction. If you have any ideas or ways to contribute this would be the place to do it.
  4. Snailey

    UPDATED Fever Mentorship Program Development

    Mission Statement: The Fever Mentorship program assists new members (the Mentee) with the information they need from the Mentors, for quality positive experience to promote retention within Fever. Job Description: There will be three job titles each Mentor class; Jr. Mentor: These are...
  5. I

    Weekly: Forum Games log

    Organize a team/clan job to do Forums Games on a regular basis to keep forums activity up and make it fun
  6. V

    Fever Movie Night

    So, Pretty simple idea here. We could basically set up a night maybe once a month and take a poll of all participants on what movie to watch, Obviously this would allow members to meet new people and hang out and discuss the movie, chat and make some friends! Not really anything to hard to...
  7. Jerks

    Fever Mentorship Program

    Not my original idea. So whoever thought of this can add more details please. Similar to coaching program. This is to get new members to find people willing to play with and spend some time with each other. We provide matchmaking of mentors to mentees who play the same game. This is so they...
  8. Ayden Pride

    DEVELOPMENT: Fever's Got Talent

    After hearing the pitch from kesem and izzo about the talent show I decided since the attempt to plan it fell apart, lets tweak it! Here is the run down during march madness (we do this for the whole month) we plan a new show each week and bring in new contestants each week (number depends on...