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  1. Ralic

    Thankfully Life Day is done......

    Morning, Life Day is done at last. No more avoiding Fleet to escape being buried in snowballs. Just, roughly, 340 days til the next one. Good hunting and speedy rifts, Ralic
  2. B

    World of Tanks 10 day event with special tanks

    WoT is throwing down a Halloween event with special tanks, and special rewards. Fever Clan has a World of Tanks Guild/Clan in-game, and a Discord channel.
  3. Achilleus

    To the 1-2 deniers in the guild from a day or two ago

    One person, a priest iirc, was arguing Heritage Foundation propaganda against someone(me) who is actually well informed about global warming and geological history. I wanted to link you this video that thunderf00t recently uploaded. It has plenty of graphs, charts, herps and derps for you and...
  4. GrizzlyAdams

    Labor Day Game Night is ON

    Hey gang! To all my US folks out there, I hope you've had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend! To everyone else, hopefully you've had a great Monday. I just wanted to give you all a quick reminder that our Monday Game Night is being hosted today as regularly scheduled despite the holiday...
  5. sparkis

    Knights of the Frozen Throne Launch Day

    The day has finally arrived for the launch of the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, which is due to drop at the following times: Americas - August 10 12:00 PM PDT Asia - August 11 07:00 AM KST Europe - August 11 05:00 AM CEST If you're still looking to pre-order the expansion, there...
  6. sparkis

    Internet-wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality - 12th July 2017

    Today is a day of action, to protest against the FCC's, and by extension the current US government's, attempts to harm to net neutrality. Join in on the fight and make your voice heard at
  7. mYth

    Finally...a radio station I can enjoy day or night!

    So now that I'm working in the the extreme northern reaches of Metro Atlanta (it's the 2nd to last exit off I-575 for any of you who know...), I can finally listen to this during my morning/evening commute. So enjoy: Stream Live |
  8. Mikvatarius


    So! 2 day maintenance on FF14... what's everyone doing instead of playing your game these two days? Me? I'm playing Secret of Mana again, this time with my daughter so she can experience an awesome classic. :)
  9. Cid Raines

    Baseball: Opening day Schedule

    I am a huge fan of Baseball considering i grew up playing it till i was 18-19 years old so if anyone else is interested in Opening day schedule here it is along with times and pitchers for both teams Opening day schedule for all 30 MLB teams (all times ET): Arizona Diamondbacks vs. San...
  10. Kunezite

    Happy Reloaded Day

    Happy Reloaded Day 2017 Happy Reloaded Day Happy Birthday to APB! Use the code "ReloadedDay2017" for a few goodies. Thank you all for being with us on our special day. Click here for the official forum post, but don't forget to get in and use the code before it expires.
  11. SunKenRock

    Updates: Nintendo Switch Info

    Nintendoeverything got in touch with Nintendo for some details. Summary of the Day 1 patch: – update will provide access to network features including the eShop, online gameplay, ability to share images via social media – link Nintendo Accounts – update lets you “connect online using...
  12. B

    The Last Day on Floor Fifty Seven

    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd share one of my short stories with you all. If you read it, please let me know what you think. What did you like? What didn't you like? This way I can better myself as a writer. Feel free to post your thoughts here (and mention me) or send me a PM. A bit of...
  13. Requ1em

    Day Of Infamy: Weekly Livestream: Day of Infamy Co-Op!

    Join community manager and voice actor director Michael Tsarouhas for our weekly livestream on the official New World Twitch channel[]. These livestreams take place every Sunday at 12:00 pm EST, so be sure to follow the channel and come out to join us. Today we will be checking out...
  14. Requ1em

    Updates: MISCREATED - Valentine's Day Update #46 - 02/14/2017

    Female Character The female character has been added and is now playable. You may change to the female character through the Player Setup options on the main menu screen Note: If you already have a character on a server you must die (you can use the suicide function), then exit to the main...
  15. Kunezite

    Sale: Valentine's Day Sale

    Armas Valentine's Day Sale Happy Valentine's Day (Week?)! Get up to 50%* off on the Armas marketplace until February 16th 8 AM UTC. Note: Only purchases made on February 10th 9:45 PM UTC until February 16th 8 AM UTC qualify for the discount. Purchases made prior are not eligible...
  16. Dratera

    osu! | filsdelama makes 3 600pp plays in a day and hits 12k pp

    His profile maps are:
  17. Requ1em

    Updates: CONAN: Exiles - Update from the developers – day #2

    Greetings, Exiles! First of all, we just want to thank everyone that has joined us on this amazing Early Access adventure – and there are a lot of you! We’re on the second day of that adventure and we’ve already seen more than 40,000 concurrent players. We’ve been the Steam global top...
  18. Requ1em

    Day Of Infamy: Special Testing Event: 40 player server support, new playlists and game modes

    Special Testing Event: 40 player server support, new playlists and game modes Today at 3pm EST we will be conducting a large scale testing event to help stress test new features and modes. The test will take place on the "Beta Branch" which can be opted into under Game Properties -> Betas...
  19. TwistedFaith

    The Proper Way To End Opening Day

    Great start to the season. Thanks to everyone that ran with me through the past 26 hours!
  20. KittyMae

    Movie: Patriots Day - Official Trailer
  21. Pudge Nubbins

    Music: Lightbayne's Kpop/hiphop Song of the day + Playlist

    Hello! This will be my Kpop and Khiphop song of the day thread, and to go along with it, a playlist for spotify. (Maybe youtube too). Before I begin, I understand that there is a Song of the day thread, but I wanted one for these genres alone. Secondly, I wanted to make a playlist, and I found...
  22. Sithis

  23. Thangs

    Saturday/Sunday most of the day im free

    So, here is the deal. I played the free weekend and liked Overwatch, so I bought it and have been playing it a little. I could use some advice, tips, tricks and help figuring out team comps and who i should 'main'. I will be on most of the day today, Saturday 12/3, Sunday 12/4 and more than...
  24. S

    Tiltworthy match of the day

    No explanation needed, he got the role he wanted, and nobody gave him any shit about picking teemo... yet here we are again. For those of you below gold, those of you thinking the players get less toxic, that the games get better? good luck with that. EDIT:
  25. S

    Tilt of the day #2

    Elise trolling from the start of the game, previously a "plat" player, according to her icon. She decided from the start of the game, for literally no reason, walk at orianna and die, this is confirmed by her saying "huh, this time my team didnt say to refund the skin". She declared that she...