1. SoW_Savage

    Build Gen

    Hey everyone, found this gem Build Gen while scouting for more tips and tricks to leveling and building some sets. You pretty much put what perks you are trying to maximize and it will find you all the possible combinations in the game to match it. You can also put what types of gear you have...
  2. Wroctaw


    Hey guys! I am the new XO for Dauntless. I would love to start building up this game as it just went open beta. After some open beta start woes. The game is cracking out to be really good. I created the ingame guild (FeverClan). My IGN is Wroctaw. Unfortunately it doesn't tell me when...
  3. Deathe25


    I am lookin for more people to play with since it is open beta just dm me in discord ur name in dauntless for me to add u
  4. News Bot

    Dauntless Hands-On Preview: Turning Combat into Art

    Developed and published by Phoenix Labs comes Dauntless, a game that cherry picks the best elements from recent Action-RPG’s and molds them into one. I got to go hands on with Dauntless at PAX East 2018 and was really impressed with what the game brings to the table. Behemoth Hunter...
  5. News Bot

    PAX East 2018: Dauntless Gameplay And Interview: More Than a Monster Hunter Clone

    Our video editor Greg Burke seems to hate everything. Whether it's an awesome new game or a great new movie, grumpy old Greg will find a reason not to like it. However, once every millennium a game comes along that our buddy Burkleton actually enjoys. At PAX East 2018 he got a chance to check...
  6. News Bot

    E3 2017: Dauntless Interview With Jesse Houston and Ian Tornay

    Developer Phoenix Labs is hard at work on Dauntless, a free-to-play action RPG with solid co-op where players hunt monsters. The game was announced late last year, and they have announced a founders alpha coming August 18/ Community Manager Ian Tornay and Executive Producer Jesse Houston came by...
  7. News Bot

    Game Awards 2016: Co-Op Action RPG Dauntless Announced

    A new co-op action RPG was announced in a trailer during The Game Awards 2016s. Dauntless from Phoenix Labs will be free-to-play for PC sometime in 2017. In Dauntless you'll have to fight "ferocious behemoths," that are threatening your existence. Now much was revealed about the game, but we'll...