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  1. Gizmo256

    How it works: Hit Points

  2. Asterian

    Updated Damage Charts

    For those of you that play and like numbers, here are a set of values for the PUBG damage per weapons. A couple weapons may be missing due to the lack of information on the source websites. Please post any weapon damage changes that you know of on this thread so it may be updated. PUBG Weapon Stats
  3. L

    Question about Chaos Damage, Energy Shield and XP Farming

    Hi everyone. I'm an older player that recently came back with the 3.0 patch. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some questions I have. I'm trying to run the Freezing Pulse Templar build that is listed in the build section. I am level 71 with some decent gear. I am in level 1...
  4. Bootygoblin

    Guides: Bootygoblin's Area Damage guide

    Area damage - YouTube Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Aedric

    Overwatch Damage Numbers

    Hey I thought people might be interested in how much damage different characters do. Overwatch Guide - Hero Damage Numbers and Stats
  6. S

    Best class at damage mitigation

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting back into WoW. I played a while back but I never even hit the level cap. I am thinking about rolling a tank. Which class mitigates damage the best?

    Ultimate Damage Dealer

    So, from what I'm reading so far, will the WD finally be the ultimate damage dealer? WD vs Wiz?
  8. R

    Damage build Bounty Hunter viable?

    I just realized Jinada has 6 seconds cooldown, the exact CD buff Chakra Magic from KOTL gives. Meaning that if a BH with lvl 4 jinada that gets a chakra magic cast on him after using shadow walk will get 2 instant jinada hits after each other. Imagine this with an echo sabre, phase boots and a...
  9. DaveQ

    Please help rebuild my Barbarian - who does pitiful damage

    This is going to make me and my character seem...lame. I currently have a Barbarian with a Paragon level of 253. Yet he is doing just 740k worth of damage. I know that this is pitiful beyond words. I am one piece shy - boots - of Might of the Earth. I do have the Royal Ring of Granduer (actually...
  10. Orjo

    Rehgar! King of the Arena once more! (Top Damage and Healing made Easy)

    With patch 16 Rehgar has the potential to become the powerhouse of old. A long time ago Rehgar was capable of topping both healing and damage charts with ease which lead to a huge nerf that, although absolutely fair, reduced his damage output. Everything changed when the Patch 16 attacked...
  11. Voir

    Weapon damage roll

    Something that seems to be one of the largest factors behind whether you'll be farming T10(and beyond), and by that I mean everything blows up on your screen with only a few ability casts - is your weapon roll. When I look around at the youtubers, over and over I hear them say "...and make...
  12. OneShawt

    I'll just leave this here.... Top Hero Damage as Vikings haha

    Click Image to Enlarge...
  13. opokalipse

    Nova Damage Build

    Intro Probably the most selfish hero, and by that almost the most fun :) (She is selfish because she can steal kills, and can't solo lane well!) For solo que she always makes a great game, so definitely on my recommended Hero List! I find Nova to be a ton of fun, the difference between...
  14. Blessed

    Lowest ever ADC Damage in a professional game...

    The record has been set.. and oddly enough, with Chinese pro teams currently being the most dominant and feared teams in the world, with most pundits and analysts expecting Chinese teams to do extremely well at Worlds this year.. Well, if you're playing against Invictus Gaming's bot lane...
  15. Co2Noss

    In Progress: Valla Stun Bomb

    Heroes of the Storm Build Guide: Valla Stun Bomb :: HeroesFire
  16. 0yme0

    Kolento 144 Damage Gahz'rilla on warrior

  17. sherbanater

    Titanfall Stats: Damage / Fire Rate / Recoil ETC.

    Thought this would be a little useful If you all are intrested... Titanfall Stats: Damage, Fire rate, Recoil etc. | Symthic
  18. Fox

    WoD healing and fight damage changes

    I like the direction that blizzard is going in so far with WoD in respect to fight damage. They are shifting away from the hits that nearly kill people to more constitant damage. It should make for less twitch healing and more scanning and priorization. All and all a more enjoyable experience...
  19. O

    FFXIV APP damage meter addon

    Does anyone else use this? I've been told it is safe from multiple people.
  20. Mr Twinky

    Soraka with Basic AP items does overall More Magic Damage then Malhazar?

    while looking at stats of a full AP sorak i came across this. bare in mind this is total magic damage delt. but still the numbers astounded me.
  21. Chemistry

    Weapon Damage Test

    A visual on how much damage you might actually be doing by epaGamer.
  22. Darkstar01

    On LoL which is the best true/physical(?) damage ranged class?

    The one's I've found so far are these, sivir Miss fortune ashe twitch What is the best ranged champion (not including caster)
  23. D

    Damage Application

    What game(s) do you play: SC2 and (Black Ops II in a few weeks) Of these, which is your main game: SC2 Age (exact, not rounded): 22 Gender: Male Country: USA MW3/Battlefield User Name: NIEF23 League of Legends/DOTA 2 User Name : Battle.net Username (edit): Damage Steam:x XFire:x...
  24. saryu

    Damage Type In Dota

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-lCx5YISEM&feature=g-all-u so, back in dota warcraft, it is properly shown in the attack description on what kind of dmg it is. But in dota 2, we kinda lacking the information on the type of damage. i will move this to guide section in a few days as it's...