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  1. D

    Crafting Guides & Speed Leveling Crafting

    Updating 6/29/20: There are quite a few great links to help new/current/elite players in the game. If you have any more that you think could be of use to players please send me a message and I'll include it here! GW2 Ultimate Map Guide This map guide shows all locations to get you that...
  2. Linessah

    Guides: Crafting all the things!

    Work In Progress - Please keep checking back, I'll also announce in #elder-scrolls-online in discord when it is complete. Navigate! Introduction Add-Ons Gathering and Refining Research Professions - Alchemy - Blacksmithing - Clothing - Enchanting - Jewelry Crafting (Coming soon in Summerset) -...
  3. Belos

    Guides: All Crafting Guides 1-400

    Crafting Guides 1-400 for Armorsmith & Leatherworking Armorsmith Leatherworking This guide for Leatherworker will help Guild wars 2 players to level their discipline without any difficulty. If you have any problems with the guide, you may contact us and it will be a pleasure to help you Do...
  4. Nanbu

    Item Drops and Crafting in UPDATE 1.1

    Basically, this: Item Drops and Crafting in UPDATE 1.1 Gonna copy/paste it in case people don't want to open the link and read it here. "THE DIVISION: ITEM DROPS AND CRAFTING IN UPDATE 1.1 07/04/2016 06:00 PM Agents, As you already know, we will be deploying update 1.1 in a few...
  5. Operator

    Crafting supplies

    I was wondering if anyone had a link that would show me best spots to farm crafting mats. Such as the whites Reusable Parts. Ty
  6. WetElectronics

    400 dust and dono what to do!

    I finally finally finally saved up 400 dust. Should I keep saving so I can craft something RAD for all classes? Ragnaros, Sylvanus, or just get a Doomhammer now to complete my currently (best performing) mech shaman deck? If I craft the neutrals then i can add them to my other decks and use them...
  7. Upirlikhyi

    With the new crafting patterns

    that you get from doing bounties, and since I am still relearning the game on the pc. Did they add the ability to craft the Marauders set for a Demon Hunter?
  8. T

    Event: Aftermath new beginnings weapons crafting and ammo

    So lets talk about weapons system in Aftermath. Once again the original WarZ/ISS system was pretty simple - you find weapon, you find ammo that comes in magazine and you either find full magazine or you're not. Okay lets say it - this is not how real world works. It also not very user...
  9. FlutterShy

    FeverClan Crafting

    Hey guys! I got a new server up and running, Thanks to Corse. 100% vanilla no plugins. Powerd by command blocks. Wanted to see If any of the people I used to play minecraft with would be interested in joining Its public so anyone can join. (admin Slots Reserved Only for fever members, And...
  10. R

    Failed Server Comes back with Vengeance!

    Alright.... So as some of may know, i was hosting a server for the Feverclan, and Feed the Beast server infact. Well i came to the conclusion that the main reason it didnt work out was because of the difficulty of trying to get into a Feed the Beast Monster Server. It Also limited A lot of...
  11. Discord

    looking for crafting mats. help out your crafters

    I have started(slowly) with the help of my father and friend(both in the guild) to level up some trade skills to better help the guild at the later levels. we are working on tailoring/leatherworking/metalworking primarily so we have all armor and weapons covered. We are also working on alchemy...
  12. ProfessorPancake

    Unturned Crafting Guide

    Hello, So recently people have been telling me that they don't know jack about the crafting system. So you probably guessed that from the title of this thread, this is a crafting guide, and yes it is. I'll be listing all the recipes in this thread. Some things need crafting levels 1or 2, you can...
  13. Hunter88

    Crafting Professions

    I am not exactly sure how the crafting works in Wildstar I had not had the chance to test those systems out so if there is any need to discuss about developing roles within the guild specific towards crafting please let me know and we see about getting those jobs made within the guild. If anyone...
  14. M

    Crafting T6

    For those wondering the cost of a T6 purple (common) it is 144k.
  15. SandiZ

    Finally I got a crafting skill to 400

    So I just mastered Jewelcrafting. Most of you are gonna wonder why it would be something postworthy. Well. Previously I had it maxed out only by creating copper bands and all that other crap until I couldn't get more xp. Same with armorsmithing. I spent a total of 20g trying to get different...
  16. ArtoriusIV

    Cheese: PvZ FFE fourgate (Theory crafting, no actual order)

    An idea that I had while watching a PvZ, what if you forge fast expanded, when they scouted the nat, kill the OL, then cancel the nexus, throw down three more gates, then attack. The zerg will have no real D, having expanded or droned heavily, and the push should e able to do enough to make it...
  17. Shenloki


    We should probably work on a crafting thread or sticky =) !!
  18. Cozzmic

    Opinion Based League crafting for Aatrox

    I would first like to remind people that this is OPINION based. Please respect the views of others and remember that everything is situational... If anyone has not noticed yet. Aatrox is not doing well in the pro scene. I have seen him kick A$$ and I have seen him Kiss A$$. I tend to run...
  19. Oswin22

    Crafting Masters (Level 400 of Craft)

    Wanted to start a list of the level 400 crafting professions out there. If you have hit the 400 mark, place below in the following format: InGameName - Craft *note* if you are on another server then Sorrow's Furnace, please state so. ------------------------------------------ MASTER CRAFTER -...
  20. H

    Rune crafting question

    Does any of you have any idea where I can get Onyx Lodestones to craft this beauty for my OP dagger necro? Superior Rune of the Ogre - Leatherworker - Guild Wars 2 DB
  21. Oswin22

    Crafting : Ingredients and Discoveries

    Nice guides for anyone starting out with crafting. I'll add any information if new things come. Add your tips if you find any. :: karma vendors 1-15 (levels) :: armorsmith 1-75 :: artificer 1-75 :: cooking...
  22. Rafiee


    I know that I spent no time on crafting during the beta and I found these 3 videos very helpful so I hope some other people may find the series as helpful as I did.
  23. Aragos

    Welcome to the Fever SWTOR Crafting Forums!

    This Section is specific to Crafting Leveling Guides, Recipe/schematic guides, and Guild Bank(after 1.2 patch) donations and request for withdrawals. You can also make a thread like this example below: Booyah needs a Magenta Crystal! Who can help! Notice I used my name, and that it's a...