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  1. T

    Does For Honor count as a MOBA? Looking for peaple to play

    Hey guys wondered if there were other for honor players among us that would like to play. Not sure if it counts as a moba but in dominion it sort of has a lane. anyways havent played with any friends much but would love to as this game looks like it would be much more fun with some coordination...
  2. bouseherb

    Head count for raiding

    Well since no one seems to be doing this I might as well be the one to do this. Recently a large portion of the Fever wow team left, so I would like to see if we could we get a head count on how many people will be raiding in 10 days when the raid comes out. So if you are post here with the...
  3. Havok

    The Division Player Count for TS Channel

    Shiva put in a TS channel request for The Division, but we need a fresh count of active players first, just to make sure a lot of people haven't dropped off since the last poll.
  4. kawaiipr1ncesss

    my post count

  5. GamerKnoob

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

    Lets get some Officers involved in some Forum Games shall we! The goal of this game is simple: count to 100, either as an Officer or Enlisted force Players should attempt to count, in order, to 100 before a member of the opposite group interrupts. Each player may only post one number at a time...
  6. Rimeraz


    It's quite simple! Example: Person A: 1 Person B: 2 Person A: 3 Person C: 4 Try to make your post bigger than only a number, tell what you're up to or just to share your thoughts. Make a little discussion or just a nice talk! Just remember to count ! I'm very curious how far...
  7. LateMoon

    Do the forums ever reset the thread count

    Do the forums ever reset there thread count? Just wondering cause it would seem like they would get a lot of threads didn't know if you would have to erase and start over.
  8. Booyah

    How to rubick...don't count the super early game, ES was retarded

    221544641 FLIMFLAM. Enjoy.
  9. Virus

    Everyone play as: Count Herbert of Vermandois

    This is a common choice for anyone who knows about history, but for those that dont... Count Herbert Karling of Vermandois is the last land holding member of the Carolingian dynasty and decedent of Emperor Charles the Great(Charlemagne). The Carolingian dynasty started with Charles "The Hammer"...
  10. Gsworld

    Just doing a Head Count =D

    Just wanting to see who is making or who has Warcraft as their main game, post here plz =D So Far we have Kaltorok Trubiano Black Acid Burn Repulsivepickle gsworld Zenwolf McChicken22
  11. Shock

    Video: I really like to *beep*

    LOL. Aug Lore Jetien CptKirk cidiantoby
  12. BloodFuryZombie

    Count The Squares (Mind Fuck)

    Who can count the squares! I will edit this topic with my answer soon. I want to see what people get first. Pretend that they're all squares. The whole thing is in the shape of a rectangle. LOL Perhaps you can call is count the rectangles? :cool: Scores Mine (BloodFuryZombie): 2171 Manatikik...
  13. Rafiee

    Getting a head count

    Okay so release is only about 3 weeks away you guys. I want to get a count of how many people will be playing with us on Sorrow's Furnace(World not confirmed yet). So if you will be playing on or near release and will be in the Fever Clan guild, then just say so here with a simple reply of "I...