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  1. Stam1na

    Dead By Daylight - Demise of the Faithful Chapter

    Hey guys, Behavior Interactive just announced the next chapter(DLC) to the Dead by Daylight game called : Demise of the Faithful. Killer: The Plague Her power: Vile Purge The Killer launches a stream of vomit a short distance in front of her, which can hit multiple Survivors and...
  2. B

    EU BF1 squad, voicechat coop

    Hello everyone. I have started bf1 a few months ago and find it really boring and unchallenging to just play in random squads that are strangers to the word of "cooperative". I am interested in playing in a squad with voice chat and follow orders together, capture flags, not just random running...
  3. J

    Looking for coop Partner in Starcraft 2

    Hi i wanted to see if anybody would like to be a regular partner in Starcraft 2 Coop, I play as Nova as my main and wanted to see if anybody else would be interested in playing with me on a regular basis. If you are interested add me on at JK728#1174. Thannks and hope to see some of...
  4. A

    New week and Civ5 coop 6/29 - 7/2

    Who wants to play this week and at what times? I will be gone this weekend starting on Friday but back at it again on Monday. supberblooper Liquid Roosevelt Kozan Battering.Graham Valakivi @xopx Kesem Annihilator
  5. Sullien

    Split Screen Coop and PC

    I normally get a negative response for trying to treat my PC as a console. I've never much cared for kb&m in most games and I like playing games on my TV from my couch. This week I picked up Borderlands 1, 2 and TPS in the Humble Bundle and was disappointed to see split screen removed from the...
  6. V

    Coop Game... today?

    Coop Game... Sunday night! Who's up for a game? If we can get 3 or 4 would be great!
  7. A

    Civ5 Coop game 5/17/15?

    Hey guys, I was thinking we should do a Civ5 COOP game get 3 or 4 of us set the AI up pretty high on a duel style map and see if we cant stick it to the CPU? I was thinking a mid Sunday afternoon game would be fun. Reply to this thread if your interested.
  8. Raiiken

    Looking for people to play coop with.

    Dont know exactly what class ill main as but im playing the seeker for now. origin is raiiken999 add me
  9. Captain Poppin

    Alliance Formed - Fever Coop Alliance

    Righty guys, I know the warframe community has gone a bit dead, but in an attempt to re-kindle people's love for the game, I will be stirring things up. I've sent an alliance request to fever so that the clan I am in can join forces with the official fever clan. I'll also be posting...
  10. M

    anyone interested in Coop Dead Space 3?

    I love coop so I'm looking for a Fever buddy to play with. I wouldn't mind someone to play the coop Colonial Marines with either. :)
  11. Jester

  12. doc holiday

    Co-Op VS Bots and/or crap team vs crap team!

    So lets face it, I sucked at Hon, LoL, DOTA, and now I am playing DOTA 2. I want a team that sucks as bad as I do, to play hard bots or something for a bit just as kinda fun but also learning. And maybe play a couple random pug matches with other crappy players? Just to get a good team finally...