1. Quiet

    Pending: New Computer

    Looking to purchase a new computer. $1,000 buget. Wanting it ready when delivered. Looking for suggestions.
  2. I

    You know you need a new computer when...

    You get logged out every 5 mins during a rift because your pc cant process the damage/visuals xD makes sense for a 6+ year old pc. Good thing I'm in the process of building a pc
  3. GaReBeaR

    Pending: computer under performing?

    I am not understanding Why I can not run elder scrolls online on max, when everyone else says they can with a steady 60fps.... here are my specs: MSI Gaming X 990fxa mobo 16gig of ram clocking at 2133mhz had 32gig but i made another rig for my sister using 2 sticks of mine. she took my r9...
  4. M

    Guild: Computer is dead!!

    Hey yo!! So the reason you all haven't seen the wiz rocking them heals in a while is due to the fact my comp decided it was time for a nap... should have a new rig this weekend!! See you all next week!!
  5. News Bot

    Best Amazon Prime Day Computer Deals

    Amazon Prime Day 2017 is humming along and we have been scouring the online store for the best Prime Day computer deals. Check out our list. Best Amazon Prime Day Computer Deals AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Processor with Wraith Spire LED Cooler (YD1700BBAEBOX) Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Extreme...
  6. News Bot

    H1B Visa Rule Labeling Computer Programmers as 'Specialty' Rescinded

    Things have been changing quite a bit in Washington, D.C., when it comes to immigration, thanks to the new regime. Unfortunately, a new memo being sent out from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will be making it harder for computer programmers coming from outside the country to get...
  7. News Bot

    Microsoft announces Surface Studio All-in-One desktop computer

    Microsoft has announced a new device within its Surface family of products, called the Surface Studio. The Surface Studio is Microsoft’s entry into the All-in-One market which it has geared towards creators. The device was designed to “pull” the user in with its 28-inch...
  8. News Bot

    Intel Reports 4% Decline in Personal Computer Supply Shipments

    Intel Corporation just reported their third quarter results with revenues of $15.8 billion, up 9 percent year-over-year on non-GAAP gross margin of 64.8 percent. Intel also reported non-GAAP operating income of $5.1 billion, net income of $3.9 billion and EPS of 80 cents. The company generated...
  9. Artega

    Resolved: New Chair for my computer desk

    Hey all I am wanting to get myself a new chair for my desk. I have around $300 max to spend. I have read that dxracer chairs are nice, does anybody have any experience with them that can give me some of your pros and cons about them. Also if you have some other less expensive but nice chairs...
  10. Cephalus

    My computer is fixed :D

    Turns out i had bad ram and a faulty hard drive so I lost everything I had but hey at least its all working now lol. Just need to save up to purchase an OS again.
  11. ColonelAngus

    Resolved: Soliciting Help from Strangers for First Computer Build

    So, I'm going to build my first gaming computer in the coming months. I could engage a computer building forum, but I'd rather have the opinion of seasoned gamers such as yourselves. I figure I have about $2k to spend on parts, so here's the vital parts that I have looked at so far: CPU...
  12. Cephalus

    Resolved: Computer troubles

    I get no display on bootup with a beep repeating itself constantly but it seems like its repeating one beep and it goes on without stopping until i turn off the machine, there is no display. I check the slots for Ram and I replaced it without any avail Any idea what the issue could be?
  13. Brian Z

    Computer Status

    My motherboard fried :(
  14. News Bot

    Intel Reports 15% Decline in Personal Computer Supply Shipments

    Intel Corporation just reported their second quarter results with revenues of $13.5 billion, up 3 percent year-over-year on non-GAAP gross margin of 61.8 percent. Intel also reported non-GAAP operating income of $3.2 billion, net income of $2.9 billion and EPS of 59 cents. The company generated...
  15. MAniACK_Magee

    Having Computer Problems...

    My friends in the Overwatch TS might be wondering why I haven't been on lately. Besides my vacation, I cam back to a broken graphics card where I can barely use browsers, much less play Overwatch. I have to wait for my new computer before I can play again, so hold fast and don't forget me.
  16. Tazz

    Resolved: Help with building a PC

    Hey y'all. So I literally know nothing about PC's and I've grown up with Apple/Mac all my life. However, I am looking to get or make a better PC or laptop for mostly gaming. I want it to be able to run things like Overwatch, HOTS, League of Legends, Steam, stuff like that. I've never built a PC...
  17. News Bot

    The 64, an unofficial Commodore 64 remake in computer and handheld formats, seeks funding on Indiego

    Retro Games Ltd. has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $150,000 in funding for The 64, an old-meets-new take on Commodore's best-selling Commodore 64 computer. "Developed using the latest (old) technology, the highly passionate team behind The 64 is excited to bring you not only a classic...
  18. S

    Computer Help for who ever needs it

    Hello all. i am solid-blaze new member i am a computer expert in security i and networking and just computer in general. ) i am a certified Ethical Hacker. = white hat. if you have any questions feel free to ask =) Best Regards, Solidblaze
  19. zefirus

    Can I hold off - computer geek rant

    Running GTX 690 Hydro Copper : i7 4790k So BDO 2560x1600 maximum settings apart from; anti aliasing off, medium textures, high end pc box unchecked. getting around 32FPS in crowded area; 75% gpu usage, 2030GB memory usage. 32 degree C I keep going to Amazon and looking at the GTX 980 Ti...
  20. W

    Resolved: Computer

    Hey guys since my laptop got fried I've been trying to find a computer or parts that will. Work. So I can play again. I do have my roommates old desktop which has a Asus striker extreme motherboard not sure on the processor and 4 gigs of ram wiped it clean but it freezes on me and I can't...
  21. Ludiqress Kill

    Resolved: Server Error 500

    Whenever I try to post any post i get this error. Please Fix your servers Fever. Here's a link I found that could help.
  22. J

    How-To: Keep your computer clean

    Ccleaner Ccleaner but formely called Crap Cleaner is a program developed by Piriform. Its a utility program used to clean potentially unwanted files including temporary internet files, where malcious programs and code tens to reside. Its also clean up your windows registry entries. You...
  23. Ocean

    Resolved: Boot Crash After Update

    So Windows 10 did a forced update. (All your files are right where you left them) When I restart my PC (W10 is on SSD), I see the blue Windows Icon and then the spinning wheel. The wheel spins once and then cuts into static and the startup crashes. I tried resetting the drive when it tried to...
  24. S

    How To Cool Down Your Computer

    first of all, do not try this at home! LOL!
  25. RedSlyFox

    Returning to Osu! New Computer, and streaming!

    Hey guys! It's [SlyFox]! or as some of you know me, RedSlyFox, maybe even Cyrus. I've invested in a new computer for christmas and really want to get back into osu! and the best way to do it is to play with you guys and everyone who I can. I will be streaming (and I am right now) and would love...