1. M

    Looking for high skill level CSGO players

    Wondering if there are any players on Fever that would consider themselves at a higher skill level then the average counter strike player that would want to play. I played at an amateur/semi-pro level level on counter strike for 10+ years on ESEA, CEVO, CAL, etc. and I'm trying to find a group...
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    Overwatch Anniversary Event Includes Petra Deathmatch Map & First Free-For-All Competitive Season

    Overwatch is ready to celebrate its two-year anniversary this month. While Blizzard has already announced the start date of this year's anniversary festivities, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan offered a few more details on Wednesday afternoon regarding what exactly the anniversary would...
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    Competitive Fortnite Coming to A-Kon OpTic Arena Battle Royale Event

    Fortnite fans and competitive gaming enthusiasts have an all-new event to look forward to, as OpTic Gaming and NGAGE Esports have gotten together to announce the upcoming OpTic Arena Battle Royale Event. Set to take place later this year at A-Kon 2018, the event will present an open opportunity...
  4. thunderhorse007

    Paladins Comp

    Im looking for some people to increase our rank together in paladins comp. -NA Servers -Mic is preferable but not a must -non-toxic -Goal is to play games an actually communicate and try to win as a team, this doesnt mean bite eachother bc in the end its still a game and everyone...
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    Fortnite Competitive Ladders System Revealed By Esports Hub

    Without a doubt, Fortnite has quickly become one of the biggest success stories in video game history. It's ballooned so quickly that the servers have had trouble keeping up, and it's not even out of its beta yet. Fortnite's free-to-play PUBG-style Battle Royale mode has been no small part of...
  6. S

    NA Need players to form a competitive PUBG team!

    Hi all, I am looking to form a PUBG team which will compete in the pro scene tournaments. Below are the requirements that I am looking for. Requirements: 1. Must be 18+ years old. 2. Must speak English and reside in the United States. 3. Must have 2.0 KDR or up. 4. Must have discord...
  7. R

    Competitive PubG

    Looking for people that are seriously looking on improving and becoming a better player in PubG. Im trying to show my skill and what knowledge I can bring, just hoping I can have some help putting together some nice players.
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    Overwatch Developer Update Includes 27th Hero, Competitive Tweaks, and More

    Now that New Years Day is over, it's time to get back to work. That rings true for the Overwatch team as much as it does anybody else. That's why game director Jeff Kaplan (fresh off his stint as a human yule log) is ready to address the Overwatch faithful and offer a look at what's coming in...
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    Overwatch 2018 Plan Includes 27th Hero, Competitive Tweaks, and More

    Now that New Years Day is over, it's time to get back to work. That rings true for the Overwatch team as much as it does anybody else. That's why game director Jeff Kaplan (fresh off his stint as a human yule log) is ready to address the Overwatch faithful and offer a look at what's coming in...
  10. M

    Builds: ITT We theorycraft fun or competitive builds!

    I'll start :D Tahm Kench: Runes: Glacial Augment > Biscuit Delivery > Magical Footwear > Approach Velocity > Cheap Shot > Ravenous Hunter Items: Start : Corrupting Pot Core Items : Liandry's Torment > Wit's End Concept : Using the magic damage scaling from max health, the...
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    Techland Introduces Dying Light: Bad Blood, A Competitive Survival Expansion

    Dying Light has new life once again! Techland has rewarded the consistent community with updates and will continue to do so with an all-new game mode inspired by other popular PvP titles. It's called Bad Blood and will be undergoing a global playtest in the near future. “Our aim is both to...
  12. A

    LF for people to play competitive

    Dps main and able to flex to supports and roadhog/winston for tanks Around mid gold 2200-2300 sr AcroBlaze#1282
  13. C

    NA Fever Clan Competitive Squad Signup

    Please reply to this thread if you are interested in trying out for the comp team. Reply with ingame name, fever clan name and MM rank. (i dont care about your rank, but shows what skill group you are playing with) For information about the comp team, please check here. cbizzle icemanshane1...
  14. Thundernut

    CS:GO Company Squads

    This is our CS:GO Squads. This is a commitment to whatever the squad captain sets fourth. Please do not sign up unless you can make the commitment. Current League Teams (Does not mean we are active yet, unless otherwise set to active) **CURRENTLY WE ARE NOT APART OF ANY LEAGUE** Only thing...
  15. osocoolguy25

    Officially back and looking for a competitive 5 man roster to make a team

    now that i have the time, i'm looking to form a new overwatch competitive team. preferably diamond or higher in this seasons placement.
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    Crytek's Hunt: Showdown Brings Competitive Horror Survival To Early Access

    The landscape for competitive survival games is thick with opportunity. Crytek is gearing up to share one of the most intriguing entries in the genre with the world, as the developer announced today that an Early Access release for Hunt: Showdown is on the way. Earlier in the year, Crytek...
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    Apple Reveals Competitive AR Game The Machines

    The Machines, which takes advantage of Apple's ARKit, looks like a real-time strategy game where you strategically maneuver a handful of units to overtake your opponent. Competitors will have to move around in real space to gain a tactical advantage as they work around the terrain. Coinciding...
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    5v5 Competitive Mode Incursions Coming To Battlefield 1

    During the EA conference at Gamescom 2017, the company announced a new mode of play called "Incursion". Working with players, the 5v5 mode has been optimized specifically for competitive play. Players can choose their kits before getting into gameplay so they can develop a strategy going into...
  19. V

    Wanting to get into Overwatch Competitive

    Been in the clan awhile now but on the Heroes of The Storm. Wanting to branch out more into Overwatch. Everyone can add Vittorios#11913, and I will also hop into the discord channel to look for teams. I mostly play tank characters, but can support or DPS.
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    E3 2017: Cliff Bleszinski Dubs LawBreakers 'the Dark Souls of Competitive First-Person Shooters'

    In an exclusive interview at Shacknews’ E3 booth in West Hall, Boss Key Productions co-founder Cliff Bleszinski shared his vision on FPS games and how he believes LawBreakers will push even the most experienced pro players to continue improving with each match. “I think we’ve...
  21. Belos

    Updates: Get Ready for the June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack!

    World vs. World—June 6 Updates to World vs. World will include improved LFG, new rewards, and skirmishing updates! We’re making sure skirmishing in WvW is fun and rewarding with an updated UI and new rewards. Keep an eye on the blog and release highlights in the next few days for more...
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    Battleborn Free Trial Launches Today, Offers 'Unlimited Competitive Multiplayer'

    Gearbox Software has announced Battleborn Free Trial, a free download available now that offers unlimited competitive multiplayer for the 2016 hero-based shooter. Free Trial, free-to-play... Right? No. Yes. Kind of? Battleborn Free Trial gives you access to all of the game's modes and maps...
  23. nomad21

    Why does Silver ELO feel like a freaking casino????

    Hi guys, I've been playing overwatch for over a year now. Initially I just played a lot of quick play, before starting up the competitive push. I think I tried comp before i got a good understanding of the heroes and the game awareness required. And hence was placed in silver. I've...
  24. Brien

    Competitive anyone?

    Looking for someone(or a few) to partner up for competitive. I am a bit annoyed with the teams I am getting that don't talk or pick random heroes that don't make sense for the team. I am around 2300 at the moment but just lost 3 in a row so who knows where I'll end up tonight. Hopefully we can...
  25. Toph

    Competitive Season 4!

    "Season 4 will be starting by early April. Some of the changes coming with Season 4 are tied to a future game update, so its date is still flexible at this point. Once Season 4 starts, we will be moving to a more regular Competitive Season schedule -- something we’ll go into detail on closer to...