1. Aussietye

    Laid back Comp teamate

    I am rank 1874 or something, not great by any means. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to team up and do comp with me on a regular basis in a more laid back setting. I want to climb as high as possible with someone but I dont want to rage about the teams im on or anything like that. If...
  2. thunderhorse007

    Paladins Comp

    Im looking for some people to increase our rank together in paladins comp. -NA Servers -Mic is preferable but not a must -non-toxic -Goal is to play games an actually communicate and try to win as a team, this doesnt mean bite eachother bc in the end its still a game and everyone...
  3. Wroctaw

    Looking to start a comp team

    I'm looking to start a comp team. Primarily to take part in the community cup. Looking for players 3k+. Reply with what role you play. In the following format: Btag: Rating: Role: Wroctaw#1954 3198 Support, lucio Ana mercy
  4. DurandaL

    Builds: Triple tank and Triple healer comp

    So I first noticed NRG using the triple tank/healer comp and instantly loved it. Admittedly, I am completely biased as I main tanks but it's nice to have the variety, adding to the standard 2 DPS / 2 Tanks / 2 healer comp that has been ruling the meta recently. Curious to know what everyone...
  5. Obamacare

    [COMP PLAYERS READ ME] Looking for people to fill roles in a team [50+ Comp Score]

    Hey yall, As many of you probably already know, Overwatch is an incredibly teamwork, communication, and skill dependent game that requires people to be in sync and comfortable playing many roles. As many of us do, there are specific roles that we excel at. Personally, I am more of a marksman so...
  6. Wroctaw

    wroctaw's comp PoTG thread!

    just a collection of videos that i deem really good potg in comp. Enjoy! Twitch (junkrat) Almost a straight team kill.
  7. M

    Finally hit comp rank 60!!!

    I finally did it! My goal for season one was to climb from my placement (51) to rank 60. I accomplished that today so now I have created this shameless brag post! Now to shoot for 65. I am sure my rank will dip and dive some more so getting to 65 will probably be 2x as difficult. I...
  8. TwistedInk

    Looking for possible ESL Comp team.

    Hello all. I am TwistedInk I am looking to start an ESL comp team. I am Central time zone based. I practice sporadically due to appointments and other issues. with that being said i do plan to have time set aside for scheduled practice and comps. I do want to take this serious but I don't want...
  9. Wroctaw

    Healer LF Comp team

    I'm a healer, usually lucio on attack and mercy on def. I avg 35%-47% healing of damage recieved every game. I managed to hit 28k healing in a payload map and did 52%. My highest achieved rating is 50. What I'm looking for: Weekly practices. Wed is the best day for me. Otherwise i can play...
  10. M

    Manitee's Comp Team

    Hello everyone, most of you have probably played with me before or just seen me in the teamspeak. Basically, I am putting together a full team of six that can reliably play competitive together as opposed to relying on pick up groups. Simple as that. If that interests you, keep reading...
  11. Wroctaw

    NA Support looking for comp team

    Support player looking for comp team. I play lucio zen and mercy very comfortably. I also can play widowmaker. I am usually at 12-15k healing per match. Outside of overwatch, I'm grandmasters in 3v3 smite on the ps4, with a record of 159-6. Currently top on the bracket.
  12. Brute

    Looking for a comp group

    Im just looking for a group of fun silvers to play comp with, if you want to join me just pm me. :)
  13. ill_fated

    New player looking for Comp partners.

    Hey everyone. New to the forums here. Looking for some people that might wanna play some comp games at some point. I'm unranked still but have played a few comp games now. I also need to do some of the Gemini missions if anyones interested in that. Just send me an invite or shoot me a PM!
  14. Hummus

    are you an ex-comp tf2, cs:go, rainbow 6, quake, any other shooter? competitive by nature? ApplyHere

    Hey! I am looking to form a competitive team for OW once it's released. I am looking for other players here, that have played in a competitive league before for any other shooter. I am not looking for players that play dota and lol and "over watch looks fun, ill try it out when im not playing...
  15. TheToxicNation


    If any one would like to play a comp game then just fly on down to competitive room 1. =D
  16. nickthewizard

    CSGO Comp Queue

    Hey all! I mainly play cs:go and play with a lot of my friends that mainly play DotA 2. I live in the US and can play well on both US and EU servers. I am currently MG1 (eagle at one point) and am working on ranking up currently. I normally just play competitive and just thought it would be nice...
  17. X

    HotS Comp Team

    Hey guys I am just wondering if there is anyone who would be interested in maybe starting up a solid 5 man team in HotS to play in the team comp. And who knows maybe if we develop some chemistry we can look at getting into some tournaments! Just looking to get into some friendly competition...
  18. Apoc99

    LFM People to play Comp

    Looking for more people to play Comp with. Add me on steam Stud_Tard_64
  19. drlight

    zsader exp farm comp

    Hi gang, Here is a sweet looking comp for max exp farm with static charge monk with 3 supports! Diablo III: 77+ Bomberdin Zsader Support w/ Commentary (Ft. Alkaizerx and Quin69) - YouTube Here they are using a zdps crusader to activate static charge with zpds barbarian for ignore pain...
  20. ep556

    Anyone wanna play comp?

    Hi, im ep556 and I play CS:Go :D If anyone is willing to play comp with me (Im silver elite) then please Reply on this forum so I can add you or just add me on steam, my name is |Fever|ep556
  21. S

    Closed: Comp Freezes When Playing

    Hey Fever, We have a serious problem!! My computer runs perfectly fine when I'm doing daily activities until I start to play video games! It's tragic I know... It usually happens when I play CSGO but yesterday it did it to me when I was playing League of Legends. Anyone have any idea or...
  22. R

    Impossible team comp on Infernal Shrines

    We ended up winning this match after a rough start. I kinda took charge of what people should be doing. I told Abby to soak the lane that the punisher wasnt on, since the only way we would win was with a level advantage. We were 2 lvls ahead of them the whole time, and won most team fights...
  23. Bubberducky

    Looking for players to play comp

    Hello i am asura and i am MG2 i am looking for people to play comp with the more the better so i dont really have to deal with troll randoms so here is my steam profile Steam Community :: |Fever| Asura hope to have people to play with soon
  24. FreshestKidd


    Are any CS teams looking for players? If so I am trying to get into playing more and with a team of players and improve my gameplay however I can. My current rank is DMG.
  25. Bot Doc

    When you take a break for 12 days then hop into a comp game.

    sadness. like...easily bottom frag, being steamrolled. I cried