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  1. FlutterShy

    Video: CoD Ghost, Dog moments
  2. C

    Do we have a PC CoD Ghosts clan?

    See topic title
  3. Leviathan

    COD Ghost Seeking Clan Members of Fever on Xbox ONE

    COD Ghost Seeking Clan Members of Fever on Xbox ONE Im looking to find users from clan fever to play on xbox one with if you would like to hit my up sometime for some games and training tips add this account Gamertag:T GuZo K
  4. BruC0Ndr

    Got PS4 anyone want to play CoD or BF4 feel free to add me :)

    PSN BruCondor
  5. MustangPunk

    Ghost Clan Wars Start

    At 3pm today Clan Wars start. Either on PC or Console try to play with others if not check app to see what I have made Primary Target. I usually go : Domination Kill Confirm TDM HC Domination HC Kill Confirm If you can get a group together and go for S&R or S&D plz try. We need wins. I...
  6. S

    Anyone know how to join Fever clan in CoD Ghosts over XBOX Live?

    As title says, I have Ghosts for XBOX, not PC, any idea how to join Fever through that? Everyone I've been directed to either didnt know, or didn't respond and the internet says "Make elite account" but there's no clear cut option for it, and all the join clan options re-direct me to something...
  7. R

    How many people play cod ghosts

    How many of all of you guys play the new cod ghosts ? And what do you think of it ?
  8. D

    Cod Prop hunt. Wanna play?

    Alright so as you can see I am going to be playing call of duty 4 prop hunt. Sounds cool isnt it. Also I am going to be recording it for my youtube channel so if any of you guys are interested to be part of the recording then you can message me or post below. Its going to be next Sunday around...
  9. Miss Joker

    List of CoD STEAM name

    Hey all !! This tread is so we can add you to our stream friends list and play games together. If you don't know how to leave your steam link in your post, just ask for help in your post and add @Miss Joker or @Still or @MustangPunk Please post your Fever name and steam id/name on this thread...
  10. Pa1n

    xbox live CoD player

    Hey guys! Anyone need an xbox live player? I play BO2 and MW3. Hit me up on live: iPa1n.
  11. AppleJack

    Total noob cod player here. Any advice? yea the title says it all. My average KD is .33 =(. Any tips or advice? This is Call of Duty Black ops 2 by the way. Applejack
  12. P

    A small trip down memory lane | Cod 4 |

    I actually have no idea how much time i've spent on this game during it's glory days. But i went a small trip down memory lane, and thought it could be worth sharing. :) Watch in HD ofcourse:
  13. X

    CoD game night??? i was curious as to who would like to see some game night action? would be lots of fun....who is in with me?
  14. L

    COD BO2 dead before release??- AND general BO2 discussion

    What anti-cheat will be used? Anti-cheat is a top priority for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. We have developed our own proprietary server-side anti-cheat technology which will work alongside VAC to deliver the most advanced detection and banning capabilities of any Call of Duty game to date. We...
  15. Yezzatan

    Need help for some choices

    Hi fever, not a member yet, I don't know if I can post without being a member but well, I read the rules and is nothing there about this, so I'll begin. I'm moving in about a moth to Florida and one of the first thing that I want to do is buy a console, almost all my gaming is in computer, but...
  16. Powerthirst


    there is now a CoD4 channel in TS. a few Fever Members including myself are trying to get CoD4 going again. hop in and play the best CoD ever! everybody is doing it.. join the fun