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  1. Karas

    COD Double XP Codes

    So here I am sat with 9 codes for double XP on Infinite Warfare. I was going to post them all and say first come first served, but that seems a little unfair for someone to get all of them and everyone else miss out. So just comment here and I'll give you a code. Easy peasy. Redeeming Codes...
  2. W

    MISC Section COD Job Opportunity

    Fever Members, The miscellaneous section is looking for a motivated individual for COD. The people interested will be responsible for in game management for their assigned sections. You will also be responsible for running or finding the section a game night host. Recruitment and Content...
  3. L

    Cod bo2

    I need people to play with on bo2 xbox360, looking for a 6man, already have 4
  4. stigmaoftherose

    LFG: cod zombies for blobs 1 and 2

    me and FC Ghost are looking for two more people to run the Easter eggs on all the zombies maps across the two black ops games on weekends. ad me on steam if you are interested ign: stigmaoftherose
  5. iDreamer

    The New Cod

    Is anyone getting the new call of duty? To be honest , The only I want to get it is because of the cod 4 remastered. :nod: .
  6. Requ1em

    Join The CoD TS Channels TONIGHT! ~ 4/22

  7. K

    Started playing CoD BO3

    hey, looking for people to play with, just started playing. my PSN is KFerguson1
  8. D

    Closed: Applying for Cod AW

    Pretty simple I'm an ex Wow player Resto Shaman named Ragelol on the Malorne server did many arena such as 2s 3s and even 5s with the Fever community was highly ranked in server ratings 2500+ 3s running shatter comp Spriest, Frost Mage, and I Resto Shaman rather simple but complex...
  9. Kreezy

    COD Champs Drama

    I want to see what you guys think about this and it is really a topic that I've seen going around. There are a few teams in COD that just start or come out of the blue. The COD Champs are suppose to have teams that would be already known and stuff. You don't just allow some team to join in...
  10. Rayden

    CoD BO 3 Just Finished Downloading!!

    IM SO EXCITED! Anyone who wants to play some zombies and regulars or anything hit me up!
  11. CaliberJacob

    COD BO3 Campaign Makes No Sense

    I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way, but I think it was almost as if Activision forgot to add a campaign until the last minute and went "Shit, we gotta add a campaign!" It's like they threw it together using some COD fanboy's dream as their main insperation. I mean...the first...
  12. Shamus

    Cod 4 anyone?

    Anyone around here still play Miss Joker OneHandLuke Bogo Virus Pheonix @(other people)
  13. triplebruin890

    Any Xbox One COD Players

    Hey I play COD (and most other shooters) on Xbox and I am wondering if there are others who play on Xbox One?
  14. gypsypirategod

    CoD for PC

    If you play BO3 on PC let me know so we can start something up!!
  15. pressurd

    CoD AW ANYONE??!?!?!?

    Steam Community :: Dro ` #Add for some Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare GAME TIME!
  16. bazookapc

    Which Version of CoD Should I Buy?

    As you know, there are many many versions of CoD out there. I've been curious about buying it because some people in CS:GO believe that playing CS:GO makes you an already above-average CoD player. Unfortunately, I don't have the best specs (listed below) in the world so I don't know which...
  17. Leo

    Recruiting Department is Looking for CoD Recruiters!!!

    The Recruiting Department is Looking for Recruiters! Please take the time to read and consider this offer. We are currently need recruiters for: Call of Duty Counter Strike DayZ Dota 2 Heroes of the Storm League of Legends Smite About the Department: The Recruiting department is...
  18. A


    who ever wants a clan member can message me on steam username alexoler2003 no 2003 isnt me age this is my cousin name my kd is 1.16
  19. Leo

    Recruiting Department is looking for COD recruiters!

    Hey COD players! The recruiting Department is looking for recruiters again. If you play Call of Duty or are interested in recruiting for Call of Duty please consider joining the recruiting department. The department is responsible for bringing in new members by organizing recruitment both...
  20. Leo

    Recruiting Department Looking for CoD recruiters!

    Hey guys! We, in the Recruiting Department, are looking for some Call of Duty recruiters. The Recruiting Department, creates, maintains, and monitors the fever recruiting topics. This brings in a large portion of our membership and helps the clan grow. Its a great way to get rank-ups...
  21. H

    News: Cod Aw

    If someone wannt to make cod aw team so we can play ranked and climb to top 100. Add me on steam: haxz0rz123
  22. Z

    Cod AW sli?

    So I downloaded call of duty advanced warfare as its free on steam right now for the weekend and I have ok specs. I can play battlefield 4 high settings no problem I just wonder if cod has sli or its more demanding. Specs Quad core i5 760 @ 2.8ghz 2x GTX 460 12gb ddr3 ram 850watt psu...
  23. Remmy

    News: cod aw games night

    alright so i'll be hosting a cod aw games night on Sundays 1pm EST 6pm GMT if you have any questions just send me a pm hope to see you then
  24. LateMoon

    Play COD pretty regularly and is the season pass worth it?

    I was just wonering I am a regular when it comes to cod normally don't over do it but do enjoy playing the game. What would be your opinions on the season pass's, are they worth it.
  25. MustangPunk

    News: Sledgehammer talks reverse boosting and Matchmaking

    Sledgehammer Co-Founder and Studio Head Michael Condrey talks about Matchmaking service, reverse boosting (where a person spends all game blowing themselves up to reduce their stats so they will be matched with less skilled players), and more in a statement released January 17th '15...