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  1. C

    I would like to donate a key for Smite Tactics: Hand of the Gods Steam closed beta to clan

    I would like to donate a key for Smite Tactics: Hand of the Gods Steam closed beta to the clan. (just a note: I know smite tactics is open beta w/o steam I wonder why they are just doing a closed beta on steam) I got two keys in the invite and I was able to activate my key on steam. I would like...
  2. Belos

    Dreadnough Closed Beta for PS4

    Dreadnought Beta Key Giveaway PS4 (North America) To unlock your code key you just need to complete 2 easy steps. Get your key now while supplies last! PS: European Beta keys coming soon! Instructions: Just create a PSN account, or sign in. Then select “Redeem Prepaid Card” to enter your...
  3. Rage487

    Closed Beta: Quake Champions

    I have three closed beta keys, which get you into every beta test from now until launch. I will raffle them off the three people who let me know they are interested in getting a key on thursday/friday this week depending on how busy I am. Post here or in the quake champions thread under misc...
  4. billy_da_bob

    Mafia Game #32 Signups - Closed

    14 slots max 0yme0 Agent Of Zion Artam Aug Bee Blackstone Deltascourge Esh FC Ghost Fox GamerKnoob Gaudkiller Hazazer Itzgeorge Izzo Jatt Kimenu Morgraine MustangPunk PapaRussia...
  5. billy_da_bob

    CLOSED #31 Mafia RE- Signups

    Starting this up again pls reconfirm your slot aiming to kickoff around thursday or friday Agent Of Zion Aug Blackstone GamerKnoob Hazazer PapaRussia Requ1em Sparkster007 efgodlike hrgordon stigmaoftherose xXGuardianXx
  6. The Rev

    For Honor Closed Alpha Invites

    For Honor Closed Alpha! I have received an invitation to the "For Honor" Closed alpha but after I accepted my invitation, they gave me 3 Invitations to send out to my friends! So Basically what i'm saying is who is interested in actually playing the game? The test runs from 9/15-9/18 But you...
  7. Meowffuu

    [CSGO VIDEO/EDIT] this is my unfinished work/project which i closed due to lack of motivation

    I wasnt really pleased with it but i thought id share this closed project with you :3
  8. Synfull

    How I Feel Since Beta Closed

  9. Crimsonwolf

    closed beta ending

    As i'm sure a few closed beta testers know already so this is more of a reminder that the closed beta will end on the 25th at 10 am PDT. So that pretty much means if you still want to play some overwatch I say get it in today. Hope to see ya all again when Early Access begins on May 3rd :D
  10. Synfull

    Closed Beta Ending

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But, at least this means the actual game release is closer.
  11. D

    Inviting your friends to the Paladins Closed Beta

    Inviting your friends to the Paladins Closed Beta Playing with friends is one of the most rewarding experiences in gaming. That is why we are allowing our beta testers to bring their friends along for the ride! As soon as you level your in-game Paladins account to level 4 you will be...
  12. S

    One closed Alpha smite PS4 key to be given out

    I have only one key to give out so act fast guys. Will PM to first one who wants it
  13. Idolator

    Paragon Friend Invites to Closed Alpha

    So Paragon is letting everyone invite 1 friend for their OT5. US East Coast: Sat 9am - Sun 9pm EST London: Sat 2pm - Mon 2am GMT If you have invites, or if you would like an invite, please post below. Since it's such short notice, it is a 1st come 1st serve basis. (Personally I have 1 invite...
  14. Synfull

    Closed Beta Update from Blizzard on 1/21/16

    New game mod, maps and more! Jeff Kaplan talks about what is next for closed beta as of 1/21/2016: What do you think the new game mode will be?
  15. Maqical

    Giveaway Chronicle Closed Beta

    Well Runescape has just come out with a game that is like heartstone and I have 3 codes to giveaway if you would like or are intrested just comment:witless:
  16. P

    Black Desert online closed beta - my opinion

    Well, I tried playing a bit of Black Desert, as my lovely other half; LordsShield gave me his information so I could access it to see if I like it, so far my opinion is mixed about this game. I'm not massively big on the combat style and controls; IE running down the street attacking thin...
  17. DurandaL

    Closed Beta going on break

    The closed Beta for Overwatch will be going on break starting on December 10th and will resume sometime in January. Player who already have access to the beta will be invited again in January and they plan to invite more players for the next round. you can read more about it here...
  18. amoretpax199

    Event: FeverClan 1v1 In-house Tournament - Paladins Closed Beta Key and Guan Yu Convention Skin as Prizes

    Post your in-game name on this thread to sign-up and all the information about this tournament can be found in the link below. FeverClan 1v1 In-house Tournament - Challonge P.S. Paladins Closed Beta Key is a courtesy from DrivenRage and Guan Yu Convention Skin 2014 code is a courtesy from...
  19. DrivenRage

    Paladins Closed Beta

    The closed beta started Nov 17 for Paladins the game. Was wondering if anyone else has this game?!?! It's made by Hi Rez and is a team-based shooter strategy!
  20. amoretpax199

    You can now sign up for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends closed beta

    It's like Hearthstone but for RuneScape and go to the link below if you want to sign up.
  21. Deltascourge

    Wildstar Closed F2P Beta

    Came with 2 keys, an EU one and an NA one. Gonna be using the EU one so if anyone else wants the NA one I might give it away here
  22. nIXne

    Blade & Soul Closed Beta

    Hi guys anyone heard of the game Blade & Soul? If so they finally made an announcement about closed beta I am so hyped about this game coming to US. I have played the game on the Chinese server and I really enjoyed it. The lag was a big issue for me but since its gonna be hosted in the US, I...
  23. J

    World of Warships Closed Beta Key

    Here is a World of Warships Closed Beta Key I got from the E3 Humble Bundle. Enjoy, guys! F93KK-RXR8W-W9XYR-GMATS
  24. J

    Smite Xbox One Closed Beta key

    Here is a free beta key for the Smite Xbox One Closed Beta. I got it from the E3 Humble Bundle and don't own an Xbox One, so I'm going to give it away for free to a lucky fever clan-mate! 4DC93-9MK3F-MH7RY-YGXVP-2TJJZ
  25. F

    Legacy of the Void CLOSED BETA official

    Hey I got closed beta I am growing a beard since day 1 I got the beta and you can view my beard stream here at Twitch I am currently jumping on team speak, I have experience in GSL Code A Qualifier top 16 twice in a row, and that is my best accomplishment to date. I am happy to play...