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  1. Target

    Guides: Curse of Osiris - Lighthouse Chest Guide

    For those that haven't gotten it yet.
  2. P

    War Chest double xp!

    As the title states, it's double XP time for your war chest, if you got one. So get out there and get them skins! Lol
  3. billy_da_bob

    News: Starcraft 2 War Chest

    StarCraft II War Chest: BlizzCon 2017 Starts July 19, August 16 and September 13 for phases I, II and III with the profits going to fund SC2 esports Also reskins for every unit and portraits ayy NOTE: the skins CANNOT be used in co-op .-.
  4. CanidSerpent

    News: Link your SMITE & Twitch Accounts for Free Chest Rolls

    Hey all, just wanted to let everyone here know that you can link your Twitch and Smite accounts for a free Cutest Avatar Chest roll, and if you watch select Hi-Rez streams of the super regionals for some free rolls of the regular season and Odyssey 2017 chests. EDIT: Oops, almost forgot to...
  5. RGN

    HOLY GUACAMOLE! - I got Hextech annie in a chest :D

    I can't believe it, I was just opening a chest when she popped up. Only bought a few boxes three days ago and a few boxes today and there she pops. Wow, just wow Dunno what the rgn is for that but boy am I glad, the spells ingame and Tibbers are just epic
  6. J

    SMITE: Pirate Booty Chest Back!

    SMITE: Pirate Booty Chest Back! The Pirate Booty Chest will be available in SMITE (PC) for the next month, so if you're looking for those Pirate Skins now here's your chance. Good Luck. All rolls are 200 Gems each. Smite: The Game on Twitter: "We're bringing back the Pirate's Booty...
  7. J

    SMITE: Independence Chest (One Day Only)

    SMITE: Independence Chest (One Day Only) Celebrate the right to choose with the Independence Chest, available today only! 400 Gems per roll! Independence Chest Content Ra'merica Ra, Uncle Zeus, Liberte Athena, Diamond Sword Ares, Wrangler Artemis, Olympian Anhur
  8. J

    SMITE: Valentines Chest & More!

    SMITE: Valentines Chest & More! Valentines Chest Content 400 Gems per roll - 6 Items in Chest Moon Groom Hou Yi, Moonlight Love Chang'e, Loverboy Cupid [NEW] Hug Bug Kherpi, Lady Bug Kherpi, Valentines Heart Bundle - ("Always Mine" Avatar / "Forever Alone" Avatar)
  9. J

    Sale: SMITE: Oracle Chest / Sale

    SMITE: Oracle Chest / Sale Hey guys, some of you may of noticed, some of you may not have. But until this Sunday (no time given) the Oracle Chest will be on sale (50% off). Hope you enjoy spending more money! Happy Gaming all! Original Link: Smite: The Game on Twitter: "The Oracle...
  10. daxious

    Free Odyssey chest

    free Odyssey chest Smite: The Game on Twitter: "In honor of SWC, enjoy a free Odyssey chest! Enter promocode Amaterasu1 in SMITE to unlock." Amaterasu1
  11. J

    SMITE: Free Odyssey Chest Roll

    SMITE: Free Odyssey Chest Roll Hello guys want a free roll in the Odyssey Chest? Well then if you type in this code 'holidaygift2015' into SMITE under 'Redeem Code' then you'll get a free odyssey roll. Please do this in the next day and a half so about 40hours you have left of this when this...
  12. J

    SMITE: New Years Chest Available

    SMITE: New Years Chest Available Hello guys just wanted to let you know about the New Years Chest that came available today, each turn costs 400 Gems and comes with a lot of awesome skins and the new skin Father Time Chronos that is only available in this chest (exclusive skin). Anyway I hope...
  13. J

    SMITE: 2 Exclusive Clan Chest Avaliable

    SMITE: 2 Exclusive Clan Chest Avaliable Hello guys nothing to special about this post but I'm just letting you guys know that there are 2 Exclusive Clan Chests avaliable for 2 weeks! The chests are from Dignitas and Denial. The chests do have some awesome skins in there and also a single team...
  14. J

    SMITE: Holiday Chest 2015

    SMITE: Holiday Chest 2015 Hello guys just a quick update on the Holiday Chest 2015 that will be with us for a while. I'm doing this as they're doing something very cool with this particular chest. As usual you have a chance on 9 items in this chest anything from these skins/wards and more...
  15. AngelofNoMercy

    Convention Artemis Returns In 2016 Odyssey Chest

    So the Convention Artemis skin where she is in a black and red outfit and has white hair is available now in the 2016 Odyssey chest. It was available for a while in the Odyssey chest last year, and then they took it out. I can confirm that it's in the 2016 Odyssey chest right now, though...
  16. Rafiee

    Sooooo chest farming

    Where, what level have you guys had the most success? I actually found it quite fun trying to dodge all the t6 mobs in core of arreat or however it's spelled and got some good loot too Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk 2
  17. R

    Prefer the Butt or Chest Poll?!

    this will come off as random but i just wanna know haha. On a human would you prefer the person to have a nice chest or butt on your bf/husband for the girls, for the guys its simple, perfect breast or butt size on your gf/wife? xD I know we ask this question in one of the forums where u...
  18. mammbos

    [SC]Looking for 5L or 6L chest for LIghting strike templar

    I can pay a couple of exalts only for rare so i dont know if its possible to get one for such a price. i am willing to get a white one though. The colors are unimportant but the chest should be of pure armor since my build is melee kinda. If its rare health and +armor% will be much...
  19. M

    want to buy: 5 or 6 link armor/energy shield chest, default league

    This is for my wand templar. He's pretty strong but unlike my other characters he's had to worst luck with drops. I'm looking for any 5L or 6L ar/es chest piece. If you've got a good rare one with resists + life would be ideal but i'd be more than happy with a white.
  20. D

    Shot a guy 6 times in the chest

    68 damage in 6 hits before he turned around and 1shotted me. That was enough right there for me to stop playing CS:GO. ;D
  21. solomon

    Haloween chest

    Does anyone have a spare diretide chest that they don't want/are going to throw away? I bought a key the other day, and since you can't deposit less than $5 to your steam account I have enough for another key, but diretide doesn't seem to want to give me another chest.
  22. S


    Okay, I'm giving this away. But know, that it expires on July 31. So if you want it, you must buy keys immediately or else they are removed from your inventory. So anyone interested? I don't know if this is counted as an item trade since I'm not asking for anything in return. So i put it here.
  23. Assassin

    Eyes, Chest, Ass

    What is the first thing you look for in a partner, this is open to males and females 1. Do you look for nice eyes 2.Do you look for nice tit's / chest 3.Do you look for a nice ass OR all three or different. I think you can't beat a sexy pair of eyes, but a nice ass and nice tities...
  24. R

    Chest Series 3-4-5

    Okay so since this isn't really a trade , I decided to post it here. So , I know alot of people aren't using their chest so here's a nice deal : Give 'em to me ! :rolleyes: