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  1. S

    Clan Text Chat

    I was away for a while so I'm probably in a secondary clan chat - is there a way to check or get placed back in the main clan in D3 so I can see and interact with others?
  2. S

    Online Clan Chat

    Been busy lately so likely in the secondary clan online but back and playing more regularly...would it be possible to get back into the main clan/chat in game? :D
  3. sparkis

    [Video] Hearthside Chat with Dave Kosak: Knights of the Frozen Throne Check out the Hearthside chat with Dave Kosak regarding the missions in the upcoming expansions, Knights of the Frozen Throne. Get a sneak peak into the mission against The Lich King, how epically brutal it looks like it's going to be, as well a...
  4. sparkis

    Hearthstone Chat

    Hey folks! Looks like some new text chat channels have been made on Discord for us to talk and share all things Hearthstone. Come hang out on the #rts_n_strategy text channel. It'll be fun! Discord
  5. Zahbo

    Voice Chat

    Quick question. I see Discord being advertised and supported here on the site. Are we switching over to Discord or staying with TS? Last few nights have been very active in TS, but I have to admit, I like the Discord platform better. Easier to link comments and posts there. Its like a TS with...
  6. Paranoia Origins

    Toxic / Violent People of League Chat

    XD its funny how salty people are these days
  7. Thundernut

    General chat thread

    Wing, thanks for shooting me, i took a few "bites" out of you back :)
  8. Thundernut

    Zombie Barggrh Chat thread - Humans will be eaten on sight

    Chat for zombies, no humans allowed.
  9. Bradley Dragon

    site chat

    is the site chat down for anyone else or just me?
  10. sparkis

    Barside Chat with Talan

    Messenger Hit up this link and talk to Talan. Some good ol' viral marketing to build hype for the upcoming expansion. Fun stuff :) Edit: It's also a frustrating way to do a survey but interesting if it actually worked most of the time. "Uh. Ever done multiple choice? Just one of the answers...
  11. Ichiiyukai

    EU [EUW] - Ingame Chat / Club

    Hey guys! I'm the new one here! Nice to meet you. I joined this Clan because I was searching for people to play with [EUW], so I'm still searching :D One question: Is there a Club / Chat for our Clan? If yes, let me know! If not, you guys can just add me: Ichiiyukai I'll then open a...
  12. Silent_Storm

    new chat

    how come we don't use dicord
  13. Stormeey

    Blizz to Silence Toxic Chat Trolls

    I found this interesting. Maybe finally those reports that people send in will count for something. How it plays out in the end we will just have to wait and see how it all shakes out
  14. DrKrieger

    When Tiny Chat freezes at the perfect time!

    Self explanatory Aug Atakapa TheBossGuy
  15. Synizta

    Friend/Clan chat (For both OSRS & RS3)

    So figured since I started playing again, i'd make a clan chat (Or I guess Friend chat on RS3?) as a centralized location for Fever members who currently play Runescape to gather and just hang out and chat in-game. My RS account is Scourgecorp so that's the name to enter to jump into the...
  16. FealtyGaming

    Chang'e Gameplay, Gear Chat, & Beast Win

    Howdy all got a new Youtube video up. This time it is a highlighted match from the livestream. In this match we skilled a nice quick joust win. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to like, comment, and subscribe. As always too if you have a build you like for a certain god, come by the stream and lets...
  17. Kunezite

    Free APB Chat via /r/APB Discord Server

    Want to chat about APB and APB related accessories with some of the literally half dozens of APB players who also use Reddit, but don't want to use Reddit because reasons? Well look no further than the /r/APB Discord Chat Server! The fine mods of the subreddit set this up for anyone looking...
  18. L

    Black Sheep Social Recruiting! just another chat room!

    Rawr type Black Sheep Social done. ARAM / Xkill / Blind / Draft / Ranked Motto Blind = Instalock Draft = Practice Ranked = Bronze 4 Life Apply Now!
  19. TheLoveMachine

    Suggestion: Liven up clan chat

    Currently when I log onto SMITE just to play there will be around 8-10 people on but nobody is talking in clan chat. Even when I try to start a conversation it seems like everyone is too busy to respond back. I generally don't load into teamspeak unless I know there will be people to play with...

    How to switch to "community" chat

    OK, I know this is super newbish, but how do I switch from clan chat to community in game? Or is there a difference?
  21. Funerals

    OSRS / 07 Clan Chat

    Join "Kagu" ingame if you wish to join me and my good mates clan chat. We just skill all day long and we welcome anyone. Share your flipping tips, PvM tips, PvP tips, skilling tricks or whatever you'd like.
  22. suntzukhema

    My apology for smite clan chat

    So hey guys I just wanted to apologize for some drama that happened in the clan chat earlier, me and another member had an argument and it has been handle... It wont happen again I hope you guys have good games and are kickin some ass #kappa
  23. L

    Chat Spam

    I have been having fun playing this game but the chat spam might be the worst I have ever seen on a game. I can't chat or form parties with anyone because of the constant spamming of gold farmers. I tried blocking ppl but it doesn't even slow it down. Anyone have tips for dealing with this?
  24. SilentMike

    looking for people to play Black Ops 3 with just got xbone need people to chat while playing

    We just got a xbone and blops 33 but i dont have anyone to really talk to just playing and dieing in silence.
  25. EMOChicken

    $ick$quad COC chat

    word please keep this sticky its for my 30+ clash of clans members to talk and maybe join:) and if u feverclan members play clash of clans feel free to join my clan just put you know eatmochicken and u are in we war all the time and pew pew have fun. BOGO approved it to be a sticky. 1/20/2016