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  1. Asterian

    Updated Damage Charts

    For those of you that play and like numbers, here are a set of values for the PUBG damage per weapons. A couple weapons may be missing due to the lack of information on the source websites. Please post any weapon damage changes that you know of on this thread so it may be updated. PUBG Weapon Stats
  2. S

    3D charts

    So where do you stand on 3D charts? In my opinion they are god damn dirty liers. For some more info click here
  3. WASP

    Xbox One re-overtakes PS4 on Amazon bestseller charts

    What a difference a day makes. Earlier this month Xbox One was tracking ahead of PS4 in Amazons video games bestselling charts. Then E3 happened and everything changed. Just hours after Sonys victorious E3 press event Sonys machine overtook Microsofts amid stories of cancelled pre-orders...
  4. Shiftie

    Flow Charts

    Here are some more flow charts. Just for you BigPun
  5. DrinkingWhiskey

    some weapon charts

    Symthic | BF3 Damage Charts - - Might have to select your own stuff, cant link directly