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  1. R

    charge barb build help?

    RN i have a charge barb capable of handling GR55 i cant seem to go any higher. any ideas for gear or itemization i should be having?
  2. Wolf16791

    News: We get another name change free of charge for overwatch!

    Blizzard planing on giving everyone another free name change for Overwatch Release! : Overwatch which i find fantastic, postalpanda was for my panda in wow, i never intended for it to be my battlenet name
  3. Nanbu

    Is static charge easier for grift clearing?

    I am playing a crit ep monk, but I am having trouble with 60 solo grift. I did fine with previous levels, but it feels like a big jump from the previous levels. Anyway, I have everything for a static charge monk except a spirit guards, so I was wondering if it would be easier to with that set...
  4. hrgordon

    Whoever is in charge of the spotlight

    Hey, So, Abcsam is no longer a member, we might want to get another spotlight up so that our front page no longer features a member that isnt here....
  5. OberonOne

    Sale: Built By Us Defined By You - Cisco Charge Now Available On Armas!

    Ride or die with the Charge Cisco performance street vehicle. The Charge Cisco was bred for high-performance street races that require power, efficiency and accuracy. With a body sculpted to match it's street racing DNA you will get the street cred you deserve. Now available on Armas in 4...
  6. Stickz

    Who's in charge here now?

    Since shock and Lore retired