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    Twitter Advising All Users to Change Their Passwords After Discovering Security Flaw

    If you use Twitter regularly, you may want to go and change your password right now, especially if it's one that you use on other sites. In an unsurprising turn of events, Twitter has "found a bug" in its system that apparently stored user passwords unmasked. That means, essentially, your...
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    Meteor Shards/Hop Rocks In Fortnite Season 4 Change Gameplay With Superpowers

    The comet that was hurtling toward Fortnite Battle Royale, signaling the arrival of Season 4, has hit the Dusty Depot. It turned the space into Dusty Divot, left behind a large shard behind, and spread around some smaller pieces of the comet as well. Those shards are called Hop Rocks and give...
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    Apple: 'AR Is Going To Dramatically Change The Way This Generation Learns'

    After declaring that iOS is the "largest AR platform in the world", Apple introduced a collection of new AR applications. ARKit is the foundation of Apple's AR functionality across devices. Reported on The Verge, Boulevard AR by Boulevard is painting for the classroom that is visible via...
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    The Sims Mobile Review: Waiting On This World to Change

    Every time I pop into The Sims Mobile to see what the Sim I've haphazardly modeled after myself is doing, some new random person is walking into my house and making themselves at home. My Sim is standing idly by with her striking teal hair. Most of the time, I'd want to have her chat with a...
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    Facebook Hopes To Inspire Change With Newly Revealed Women In Gaming Initiative

    Facebook’s efforts to shed more light on women in the gaming industry has culminated in a new page that shows off women that work in roles that span from CEO to producers and writers. The Women in Gaming initiative and Facebook hope to encourage more women to pursue careers in the massive...
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    Monster Hunter World - How to Change Your Armor Color

    With the amount of armor available in Monster Hunter World, most players are satisfied with the available choices to outfit their character. You can mix and match or throw on a full set, and I have yet to go on a multiplayer quest or expedition and see two hunters dressed the same. As you...
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    Monster Hunter World - How to Change Armor Color

    Monster Hunter World is all about hunting monsters (what a surprise), collecting armor, upgrading weapons, and hunting bigger and stronger monsters. But you’re going to want to make sure you look good while doing it, which is why you need to know how to change the color of your armor...
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    CES 2018: Change Up Your Music Experience With AfterShokz

    Looking for a new way to listen to your favorite music? AfterShokz’ bone conducting headphones is quite the intriguing way to change up how you hear your beloved tracks. Greg Burke was on hand during CES 2018 to chat with AfterShokz about their bone conduction technology and how it’s...
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    Team Fortress 2 Gets a Change of Scenery with 'Jungle Inferno' Update

    Team Fortress 2 has come a long way in the last ten years. (Yes, it has indeed been ten whole years!) So for the game's tenth anniversary, the mercs are taking a vacation. And that vacation involves hitting a lush tropical jungle filled with massive monsters. With that said, in Saxton Hale's...
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    NBA 2K18's MyCareer Mode Hopes to Change The Game

    2017 is the year the sports games ceased being focused simulations of their respective sports and became sprawling experiences with aims at pleasing everyone. EA Sports sent Madden 18 out into the world this past month with a reworked story mode designed to entice new players into the gridiron...
  11. Gizmo256

    Resolved: Name Change Request

    Respectfully request to change my name from MakeMineCaffeinated to Gizmo. Most players within D3 and Discord know me as Gizmo and it would be easier to converse through the forums here through using a more well known name. Thanks!
  12. I

    Resolved: name change on website/discord

    hey ive been here a few months now and plan on sticking around after seeing what games are played the most and what i continue to play in the future was wondering if i could just change my name to that. After playing PUGB a lot and stuff its just confusing and harder to get games. thx (...
  13. Bridgett

    Possible Game Night Time change on Tuesdays...

    So, I have recently got back into WoW and I am now starting to raid with a guild. Tuesday nights are open raid night so I have to be in there that night if I wanna raid with them on Thursdays. We raid at 9pm EST and I know that's when I do Overwatch game nights. I wanted to change the time...
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    How to Change Colors in Arms

    Arms will be releasing in a couple of weeks, but the Global Test Punch has already begun. However you may be playing, you’ll find yourself looking to customize the characters and make them your own. This guide will show you how to change the color and skins of your characters in Arms. You...
  15. Clavat

    News: Looking to change our Game Night Dates

    Greetings Overwatchers! Due to the low number of participants (7 or less) in our recent Game nights, I would like to re-schedule the days and time to increase our numbers and be able to stay more active with all of you, so please post the following: Best days for you to attend: Time...
  16. whitelord321

    Smite Section Change

    So it look like I'm the new Leader of the Smite Section. So Hai :P
  17. News Bot

    Mass Effect: Andromeda to Change Portrayal of Transgender Character Hainly Abrams

    Hainly Abrams is a transgender character in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and while BioWare may deserve a pat on the back for an attempt at inclusion, the portrayal has caused more harm than good. BioWare has heard the blowback and is moving to fix the situation. One of the chief complaints in Abrams'...
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    Mass Effect Andromeda: How to Change and Customize Armor

    Diverse skills and blasters set to kill are a powerful combination, but good defense is just as critical as a good offense in Mass Effect Andromeda. A good set of armor not only bolsters your defensive capabilities, but can look fashionable as well. This guide will help you suit up Scott and...
  19. VileKnight

    Does Blizzard need to change the HOTS business model?

    I ran across this article last night, and to be honest I am not sure what to think about it. So, apparently the writer is of the opinion that HOTS should change the hero roster by making all of them playable in the same way that Overwatch does. The argument does start from a position of strength...
  20. Archimedies

    LoA change

    Hey guys, My RL has taken complete control of my free time. As such I has put in for a Leave of Absence with the higher ups. Could I please be removed from the mass D3 events/posting tag as well?
  21. Mikvatarius

    Thoughts on the recent change to 7.2

    Hey all, wondered what you guys thought about the recent change to needing shards from 50000 to 2500... My initial thought is it'll be too easy now and although I'm happy with Alt friendly mechanics I also like the sense of achievement you get when you've completed something difficult or time...
  22. Paranoia Origins

    Guides: How to Change from New League Client to the Old League Client

    Deleting the Icon won't change anything, but the steps below should revert you back to the Legacy Client: 1st Example: Go to your League of Legends install folder. Open the "user.cfg" file Change "leagueClientOptIn = yes" to "leagueClientOptIn = no" Save and launch League of Legends...
  23. VileKnight

    How VR may change storytelling

    I ran across this video this morning, and thought this would be an interesting share with everyone. Check this out! How virtual reality is changing storytelling
  24. C

    Life change

    I am currently in the process of a career change as some of you know. I just got my CDL reinstated but i have to goto a driving school with the company i am driving for for 3 weeks. I have ordered my labtop to play over the road BUT the catch sadly is d3 is not doing it for me or my buddy. I...
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    Fire Emblem Heroes - How to Change Your Name

    When you start Fire Emblem Heroes, there's a lot of information that pops up at you, including where you have to enter your name. It's easy to accidentally tap too fast through the various user agreements and other stuff and end up with the default name. Unfortunately, the option to change your...