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  1. BruC0Ndr

    Free Card Pack code!

    Hey guys, got a cardpack code. If you want it you can reply here and I'll PM!
  2. zabuzahak1

    GWENT: The Card Game

    I was wondering how many people on here play Gwent. I think it'd be pretty awesome to have a dedicated Gwent forum so I wanted to see how much interest there would be in it. For those who dont know Gwent is a digital TCG like Hearthstone, although the mechanics are quite different. It's...
  3. Thaumius

    The current Hearthpwn bingo card as of 1st of august 2017 for KFT

  4. sparkis

    [Video] J4CKIECHAN Raps His Card Reveal & It's Epic! Streamer J4CKIECHAN reveals his Epic card in an epic way - by rap. It's not bad too. Pretty funny :) Check out the video and let us know down below what you thought of the rap and more importantly of the card. Or is it the card and more importantly...
  5. sparkis

    [Video] KFT First Card Reveal The card reveal hype train has left the station with the first card reveal from the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion. Not sure what to think of the card right now. Looks really bad but might have some synergy with some other card in the set...

    Bitcoin mining has prevented me from buying a video card

    So, I just learned something new tonight. I wanted to buy a new video card (GTX1060) which was supposed to be 179. It spiked to $300 plus! Apparently there is something called bitcoin mining behind all of this. All video card prices have skyrocketed apparently. Anyone know more about this...
  7. arksun

    Selling (Used) R9 390x 8gb Vid card

    Selling for $250 or best offer. Any questions pm me.. The card came with my Pc, when i ordered it..Used it for 3 months and got a 980ti..
  8. sparkis

    [Update] Changes to Card Packs Hearthstone have released a video on an upcoming change to how card packs are handled. The TL,DW is: Guaranteed legendary within the first 10 packs of a new Expansion set. (That's only the 1st 10 packs of a NEW expansion; not every 10 packs nor 1st...
  9. sparkis

    [Video] Lore on Every Card in the Un'Goro Expansion If you're looking for a serious Hearthstone-based distraction and you have a little under 2 hours to spare, the above video covers lore tidbits involving every card from the Journey to Un'goro expansion, trying it (albeit loosely at times) to other...
  10. Strae112

    Video card debacle

    I was very excited to finally get a good video card on Saturday. I got an Asus ROG 1070 8GB. I open the package and it looked quite impressive. I open my computer on the dining table to clean and swap out the video card when I notice something. My case area for the card is 11 inches long...
  11. V4lkrie

    warlock card

    so i got this gold krul the unshackled i was wandering should i sell it for dust or not???? i dont really play warlock just for the gold
  12. sparkis

    MSG Card Interactions (Video)

    Some handy card interactions with the new expansion courtesy of Disguised Toasted. DISAPPOINTED!
  13. sparkis

    Raza the Chained - An Amaz-ing MSoG Card Reveal

    Wow. Talk about a very interesting Priest legendary. I've been holding off coverage of the cards from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion until the whole set was revealed but this card really stands out. Hero power costing zero for the rest of the game. Man the possibilities... Check out...
  14. sparkis

    50% 40 Card Packs

    Hi folks. In your in the market for some Hearthstone card packs, particularly in preparation for the upcoming expansion, Amazon has a 50% off deal for their Amazon coins. You can get $50 USD worth of Amazon coin value for only $25. $50 works out to be around 40 Hearthstone packs. There are...
  15. Hand Banana

    New Card game on mobile called Throwdown.

    There's a new card game on mobile that's been out for only a few months and it's showing a lot of promise. It's called "Throwdown", and it uses cartoon network characters and items as cards. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. Anyone else play? If you like hearthstone you'll probably enjoy...
  16. M

    Karazhan Card Unlocks

    Just in case you guys haven't seen it already, here is a link to where you can expect to unlock all the kara cards in the new adventure Where to Unlock Each Card from One Night in Karazhan - News - HearthPwn
  17. Jam

    $20 Battlenet Gift Card Raffle

    Just for funsies :D Post your name below. I will draw a name Monday :D
  18. The Rev

    Steam Card Giveaway!

    It's time for another giveaway! I thought it would be a good time to do a steam card giveaway in honor of the Summer Sale that kicked off this morning! I will be giving away a total of 90$ worth of steam cash to 3 lucky winners I'm going to be giving this away on the 30th of this month...
  19. zefirus

    My new Video card is now shipping

    Woot! After what feels like forever, my new video card is finally shipping. Now I just need to find another (They only let me buy one) MSI GTX 1080 Seahawk EK X! I will try and do an unboxing... I am coming from a GTX 690 so this is a pretty big jump... I have been hitting the wall with...
  20. Tilairgan

    $50 on Steam

    So I got a $50 Steam gift card. Any recommendations?
  21. Valoseu

    WTB Steam Prepaid Card

    As it says in the title I am looking to trade Fever Coins for a Steam Prepaid card. Preferably $50 USD. 6000 Fever Coins?
  22. M

    Upcoming Card Changes

    Well we knew it was coming but here it is at last. The upcoming changes to the classic and basic cards. Druid: Ancient of Lore- 7 Mana cost 5/5 : Choose one: Draw a card (down from two) or restore 5 health. This is a really big change despite how it looks. Druid's speed gets reduced quite...
  23. gamerhellborn

    Hex Trading Card Game Launching on Steam

    HEX: Shards of Fate HEX: Shards of FateHEX: Shards of Fate HEX: Shards of Fate is a new breed of digital card game, combining classic TCG gameplay with elements of an online RPG. Create powerful decks from over 1,000 unique cards, battle your way through the single-player mode, or test...
  24. Houyami

    Trading Coins for RP card (NA)

    Looking to trade 1200-1500 coins for a 10$ League of Legends NA code. If interested in PM me or post below
  25. Synfull

    News: IGN Interview w/ Ben Brode & Dean Ayala about the "Discover" Card Mechanic

    This is a nice interview IGN did with Ben Brode (Senior Game Designer) and Dean Ayala (Associate Designer) about how the "discover mode" came about for Hearthstone. Hearthstone: Creating the Discover Mechanic - IGN