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  1. ho.ot

    Call of Duty : WW2 -- PC

    Hello Everyone: I hope, all is well everyone. New member here. Just seeing if anyone else plays WW2 on PC. Typically, play with a couple of buddies on core game modes and war. If you're interested in playing with me and want to join up on discord let me know. You may respond back to...
  2. C

    Closed: Call Me Henry's Application

    Games you play: Overwatch, PUBG, CS:GO Age: 16 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: Wndrful#1321 MMO Username: Steam Username: Wndrful xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes How did you hear...
  3. Kerrdizzle

    Call Of Duty WWII team?

    Will there be a call of duty wwII team added to fever?
  4. C

    Approved: Call Me Daddy's Application

    Games you play: Dota 2, Overwatch Age: 19 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: DatGuyAegis League of Legends or other Moba Username: Call Me Daddy ;) tag: DatGuyAegis#12318 MMO Username: Steam Username: Steam Community :: Call Me Daddy ;) xFire Username: Other...
  5. BlackRosae

    Role Call

    Who still plays?
  6. Flux

    Obey the Call of Kel’thuzad

    It has taken forever but he is finally here Kel’thuzad, Archlich of Naxxramas! Holy crap they finally did it, they brought him to the nexus. That Jaina skin too, crafting on day 1 myself. Its going to be the next event for the Nexus so look forward to it. He looks like a mage type of butcher...
  7. BlackRosae

    Role Call

    So I would like to know a few things from everyone. For example everyone who constantly plays Smite leave your name here. I'm trying to get an accurate reading of how many people we have inside the Smite Section :D
  8. crimsonfate

    News: Sledgehammer Games tease era for Call of Duty 2017
  9. RGN

    Now THAT's what I call a Steam Discount!

    Hehehe, so happy I could finally get the games and DLC I wanted all at once! Not a bad winter sale after all. Anyone else happy with this sale or their discounts? I'm really curious.
  10. H

    Call of Duty Jobs

    Call of Duty MISC Section COD Job Opportunity The miscellaneous section is looking for a motivated individual for Call of Duty. The people interested will be responsible for in game management for their assigned sections. You will also be responsible for running or finding the section a...
  11. Tigeax

    Arma 3 Call to arms - setting up a community!

    Hello everyone, I'm just going to go straight to the point: I want to try and set up a Arma 3 / Arma series, community within Fever. We already have Arma 3 rooms on Teamspeak but we don't have a sub-forum on the website yet. So for us to get that we need to show that there is intrest in an...
  12. Blakey

    eSports: HCT Asia-Pacific Last Call Tournament - Begins Today

    Hi All, just wanted to draw attention to the Asia-Pacific Hearthstone Championship Tour "Last Call" tournament which will be played today, Monday the 10th (Americas, 9 PM PDT on Oct 9th). The tournament features 8 players who will fight for 1 last spot at the Blizzcon world championship. There...
  13. huugoperez_

    Call of duty: Black ops 3 PC

    So who is down to play some Bo3 on steam with me. i would like to play with some of you guys/gals. i would like to play in a group. add me if you want to play steam: |Fever|huugoperezz_
  14. Zadkhiel

    Active Duty Roll Call

    Can we get a roll call of those who are actually getting on at LEAST every other day. I'd like to continue pushing for reviving the guild, but I get on everyday and never see anybody on.
  15. T

    Call of duty modern warefare montages

    Hey guys! If your looking for any good montages on call of duty: modern warfare 2 come to my channel! I've made 4 so far and I'm gonna make another one soon. I would appreciate the support and you'll get some good content in return! TannerDude28 - YouTube
  16. Requ1em

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Crew Expendable Gameplay
  17. Zheil

    Call of Duty4 MW

    Hi guys, there are people who still plays Call of duty 4 mw via Gameranger they also have a small community which keeping them togather if u guys still play and want to be connected or having communication here is their FB:- Log into Facebook | Facebook...
  18. TheToxicNation

    Call of Duty Blackops 3

    Any one on Xbox one That plays bo3 Add me if you wanna play and make a team Little Musician
  19. ExtraKilla

    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    Guys, I have heard from a reliable source who is somthing to do with the making of this game has almost confirmed that there will be no exo movement in the game fingers crossed ~ExtraKilla
  20. triplebruin890

    eSports Section of Newsletter NEEDS Writers for Call of Duty

    Hello, My name is triplebruin890, head of the eSports section of the Fever newsletter, and I am looking for people of knowledge in eSports to help out in writing the section. As some of you may know, eSports as a whole is very large and diverse, myself alone cannot cover all of the games that...
  21. Cronofan

    Smite World Championships - Roll Call

    So, I just wanted to see who is attending the SWC finally and who wants to meet up and when? DeMeNtEd Brommando Xev , tag anyone else you know who is going. I am going to miss most of the first day since my flight leaves at 12pm EST on Thursday
  22. pressurd

    Only |Fever| Call of Duty Player?

    Hello, To me it seems like I am the only Call of Duty player here in |Fever|. Please I wish their were just a few people out their that can prove me wrong! I play many of the CoD's of course a lot of Black Ops 3 just because it came out. If you want to get down and dirty of the battlefield...
  23. I

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3

    Do we have a clan for PS4 and BO3? If so who can I talk to about getting an invite.
  24. J

    SMITE: The Weekend / Call of Battle

    SMITE: The Weekend / Call of Battle Hello guys just another special weekend for SMITE, more skins on sale and bundles on sale also. This will be from Friday, November 6th through Sunday, November 8th. This will be both on PC and Xbox and both the Special Ops Bundle (900 Gems) and the Exclusive...
  25. T

    Call of DUty Black Ops 3 Zombies

    I'm looking for players to play Black Ops 3 Zombies mode on Ps3 once it is released . I know a lot of people don't play on Ps3 anymore , but i can't afford a Ps4 at the moment as i'm saving for a New PC right now. Anyways , PM me here or on PSN @ TheGamer9991