1. TheFrenchGuyzLive


    TheFrenchGuyz's Profile - SmiteGuru if you have any question about the hero , feel free to message me ! or if you want to play some Smite i have another account for rank !! have a beautiful day
  2. D

    Multi Shot Demon Hunter

    So you want to make a DH? This build guide will assist you with the Best DH build there is. Having received yet another damage spike in 2.4 through the skill bonuses on Dead Man's Legacy Dead Man's Legacy and the introduction of Visage of Gunes Visage of Gunes and Dawn Dawn, Demon Hunters add...
  3. Grimmee


    Hi everyone.. i just started D3 so was wondering what the top 2 or 3 things you learned at 1st to do right.. Im in starcrqaft to so hope to be playing with alot of peeps.. what is the best lesson for restart .. I know you tube and stuff so just personal opions on this THX!!.. Battle On!!.. GRIMMEE
  4. M

    Builds: ITT We theorycraft fun or competitive builds!

    I'll start :D Tahm Kench: Runes: Glacial Augment > Biscuit Delivery > Magical Footwear > Approach Velocity > Cheap Shot > Ravenous Hunter Items: Start : Corrupting Pot Core Items : Liandry's Torment > Wit's End Concept : Using the magic damage scaling from max health, the...
  5. Sendain

    For Skeleton Crew Necro achivement

    I've seen some are having issues getting the counter to increase after elite, champion, and/or unique kills. I've researched and what I am going with seems to work. The trick is to allow the skellies to do their job - kill the aforementioned target. It seems that any interference on your...
  6. R

    Builds: Pro Player Guides

    I follow a couple guides when it comes to builds. Unfortunately they aren't always kept up to date, but I find them useful when they are. Below is a guide from Sreyz, which has a mindset for Solo Queue: @sreyhots Solo Queue Tier List - Google Docs Below is one from Mewnfare, which is a...
  7. Belos

    Builds: AWP skin

    Hello i need your support can you vote for this skin? Here is the link Steam Workshop :: AWP | Zebra
  8. Linessah

    Lightning / Manald Heal

    While I understand there are many builds that can be researched and studied from d3fans or icyveins, I figured I would present (semi-) short build and play guide for the Lightning/Manald Heal Wizard that has risen in popularity this season and will resurface in the coming season. Judging from...
  9. Kunezite

    Builds: What's your APB Build?

    With the current update drought/hiatusl we've got going in APB, the Community Forums have been keeping a float with various discussions, some good, some bad, but some are about builds. so I thought I'd give it a go here, hopefully to either inspire some older players or teach some newer ones a...
  10. The_Krobar

    Season 9

    I am not totally up to date for season 9. However, i think support classes are boring. I am all about DPS. Like pushing solo and all size groups. What class should I play and what build? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. driveby

    Builds: [deleted]

  12. DurandaL

    Builds: Triple tank and Triple healer comp

    So I first noticed NRG using the triple tank/healer comp and instantly loved it. Admittedly, I am completely biased as I main tanks but it's nice to have the variety, adding to the standard 2 DPS / 2 Tanks / 2 healer comp that has been ruling the meta recently. Curious to know what everyone...
  13. VileKnight

    Mana & Shields for days: Supporting w/ Tass

    Mana & Shields for days: Supporting w/ Tass Introduction I have played a lot of support since I started HOTS, and Tass is by far my favorite. Taking him into a ranked match really is going to depend on your teams comp, but with the right group this guy can really impact a match. More than...
  14. Darkrain890

    Builds: Aggro Beast Druid, Edgar's Raven

    Here it is gentlemen, aggro beast druid using the new cards from Karazhan. This deck uses both Enchanted Raven and Runic Egg. This is a very budget deck being the only legendaries being Bloodmage Thalnos and Sir Finley Mrrgglton. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Very...
  15. Chaka

    WoW 7.0.3 Legion Pre-Patch Fire Mage Duelist

    Hello Fever Members, Today i wanted to bring to you a duelists guide to playing fire mage in the Legion pre-patch (7.0.3). NOTE: This Build only works at 100, because it uses the HFC tier set, as well as the class trinket from Archimonde. PART 1 Talents 15 - Firestarter...
  16. Muldred

    Spreadsheet Guide by: Drahque

    Here is a guide to the classes and what they are capable of this season. Some of this might have changed but this is the opinion of the creater of the spreadsheet and a good start for those needing help in deciding. Patch 2.4.1: START GUIDE for Season 6! (New Builds & Quick Level 1-7+)
  17. FealtyGaming

    Builds: Arachne Build In Action | Viewer YouPick Highlight

    On my stream I do a thing I call a "YouPick". The viewer chooses the character, build, meta, and ability level order. I then take all the information and try my best to not only do what they want, but go beast with their set up. This is a highligh from last nights stream where I got the chance...
  18. daxious

    Builds: Megathread by Daxious for BUILDS Competetive/Casual - Season 3 (Under progress)

    Please note that this thread is still under progress right now meaning i still have to add and edit stuff also testing out some editing stuff!f I also will be taking most sources of pictures from the wiki It is also 70+ gods right now so might take a bit of time This will be done during queue...
  19. Zyion

    Monk SWK TX Speed 2.4.1

    Hi all, here is a SWK speed TX build. What's it all about? Well it's the same as the LoN build from last season except yes you don't have to farm for all ancient gear which I was not a fan of. This involes SWK with it's newly buffed 6pc. This build is really fun to play and as you build up your...
  20. DaveQ

    Am I missing something obvious, or am I dumb?

    I am trying to build a Barbarian who can deal some serious damage. But I am failing badly. I am following build guides on DiabloFans and Icy Veins. However, some of the guides make no sense. They show skills in slots that are wrong. The Immortal Kings link below has War Cry as Skill 2 when I try...
  21. G473R

    Season 5 DH Builds

    Thought I'd drop an update for anyone playing DH this season. Posting D3 Planner links to top leader board builds. I've tested all these myself and cleared up to 75 (except I only did 70 on nats set so far) with them. All of these builds listed have cleared 80+ solo on LB this season (minus the...
  22. noctemdracone

    Noctemdracone's oddball build corner

    Feeling bored using the same cookie cutter build everyone else is using? Want to simply mess around and have fun? Then have I got a deal for you! Simply post here what kind of funsie build you want and I will try and make something for it.
  23. noctemdracone

    Just for funsies: Nikola Tesla Wizard

    Turn down for WATT! This is just a build I threw together on a whim as a build for just messing around. It probably won't make it particularly far in high grifts but sometimes it is fun to just relax and not worry about trying to clear a 60+ Grift.
  24. T

    Thoughts on Sader Thorns as a solo build?

    Been loving Thorns Sader, but it seems to lack in solo, Are there any good solo build for sader this season?
  25. R

    Is there a good Invoker slash/punish guide out there?

    I have been trying to find a good invoker slash/punish guide online (which would help to gear for end game LoN bombardment) but had no luck. Perhaps some people could help with this :) Thx in advance!