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  1. Shiny

    Needs tips for Pestilence build

    Hi, in running this exact build: Diablo III Character Planner though im missing a few things, like leveling up the gems and the cube scythe, but i have everything else and im having trouble doing even TX and higher regular rifts. Whenever i pop land of the dead, the entire screen gets wiped as...
  2. D

    The Perfect Maeve Build "IMO"

    So I was recently going through the builds on the leaderboards and seemed to find a great build for Maeve. Here Is a screen shot of what I use for Maeve. Screenshot by Lightshot Feel free to use it :)
  3. Dark_Praetor

    ESO Build Sites

    Here is a list of often updated sites where hard core players and streamers will post end-game viable builds: AlcastHQ Homepage - AlcastHQ
  4. Sendain

    Class build videos for 4-man

    I found this build video for the FB Star Pact build used in 4-person groups. I like this video for it's level of detail that shows the play style in a clean manner. I urge the squad to find their build and add the video here. FB Star Pact
  5. R

    charge barb build help?

    RN i have a charge barb capable of handling GR55 i cant seem to go any higher. any ideas for gear or itemization i should be having?
  6. ArtemisofHT

    Trolliest build you ever did. GOO!! Im the kalista my friend got the penta. Look at my build, I was support.
  7. Achilleus

    Ultimate PC Porn Build If you don't have epeen envy at this build, I don't even know what to say. xD
  8. mYth

    SKSE64 Alpha Build Released

    Yeah, I'm late to the party. I'm blaming hurricanes for that... But for those of you who have SSE, the Silverlock team have released SKSE64 Alpha v2 for open testing. The short version: I'VE GOT MY SKY UI/MCM BACK!!!!! Here's the Reddit post for it: SKSE64 2.0.0 alpha : skyrimmods
  9. Axle

    Build of the Week S07E1: KTMetis' Seven-Aura Necromancer

    Build of the Week S07E1: KTMetis' Seven-Aura Necromancer - YouTube

    Best Speed Farm and Gem UP Necro Build

    So, I'm using a variation of the Rathma's, and was curious if anyone is using a different set for speeds? Trying for ancient Ingeom or Scythe and the time off-hand for the new one by BigDaddyDen
  11. T

    So whats the popular necro build so far

    Hey guys just wanted to see what everyone was running concerning the necromancer in the new season. I personally am going for the pet rathma set atm thinking of switching to inarius but wanted to get your idea's as well.
  12. nomad21

    Silver protoss build order and macro advice

    Hi guys, Im currently a silver protoss, and I'm doing fairly well in the league. The problem is that I know that I'm being really inefficient with the games that I play... Does anyone know where to get good builds to follow? Atm, the builds I can do fairly well are the standard: 1) Adept...
  13. DreadKnight

    Updated Hero Build Sites for all Players

    Hey Guys ! Below I have posted some links to valuable sites containing Hero builds, map strats and talent selections My Main go to and recommend for all members: Heroes of the Storm News and Guides - Icy Veins This is largely recommended as it contains multiple builds for various...
  14. J

    Monk Inna Pet build question

    So I have a monk question - pet build - when I go speed run and want a boon what gem should I drop? I am following the guide on icy-veins ""
  15. Jaysdawg

    WD Zunimassa Starter Speed Farming Build 2.5.0 Published on Mar 22, 2017 Witch doctor Starting speed farming build for season 10 using zunimassa set with gargantuans and fetishes! Build guide = Not found - Diablo Fans... Sage DB Guide =...
  16. gamerayush

    [Question] How to build Nike support?

    How Viable is Nike in support role? What is her best build in this role?
  17. kabiya


    Hello guys! I was wondering if some1 would be so kind to give me advices (I don't pretend an entire guide) for making builds. I know there are so many out there and in this forum too but I don't want to check internet or a list while playing so ... how should I choose the right items in game...
  18. Paranoia Origins

    Fallout 4 Sniper Build - Great Perks and Tips for Playing a Sniper

    Hey guys i thought i post a sniper build guide somehwere here so enjoy. The video and 1 guide and the information below is another guide. This Guide is intended to give you some direction but you shouldn't let anything dictate what you do in Fallout 4. Playing as a Sniper is fun, but...
  19. T

    Sader Deaths breath build

    Hey for saders there is a build on youtube for Deathbreaths with sage gear. 2 4 3 Sader T13 Death's Breath Farming build - Akkhan Bomb - YouTube -Enjoy
  20. GhostRogue

    Gen Monk Build

    Anyone have a recommendation for a gen monk build? I normally play Uliana's and go with a cold EP build. Looking for something different for casual play (don't care much about pushing leaderboards or anything like that...just want something competent and fun). Thanks, Ghost
  21. Jaysdawg

    Help with Wizard Build

    Thought I'd give a wizard a go this season. I'm 420 Para, I have some decent gear, but my damage is crap. Any thoughts or suggestions would help alot. Running with this build atm. A group Build. S9 Firebird - Group build (95+) Patch 2.4.3 - Wizard - Diablo III Builds - Diablo Fans
  22. noctemdracone

    Oddball build center

    In light of seasons becoming the same old, same old as of late, I am making this thread for people to request or post oddball builds to play with in season 9 when you just want to kick back and have fun. They might not get far in the leaderboards or clear high level grifts, but they will still...
  23. S

    Inna's Monk build for 2.4.3 2.4.3 Monk Inna Build - Season 9
  24. V4lkrie

    noob deck build help

    is it good if mage using dragon deck? 2 arcane missile 2 dragon egg 2 mana wyrm 1 mirror image 2 arcane explosion 2 frost bolt 1 arcane intellect 2 blackwing 1 ice barrier 1 fireball 2 gnom inventor 2 hungry dragon 1 midnight drake 1 twilight drake 2 shieldmasta 1 azura drake 1 bolder ogre 1...
  25. Sendain

    zDH build

    Stann came across a zDH build that I would like to test out for S9. Although it is from S7 I am curious as the video shows a GR100 successful run with 2 monks and 1 WD. The DH is the puller. I have the gear, albeit some isn't quite right but atm toughness is maxxing out at ~450M. If...