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  1. TurtleStrong

    Blackstone deals with flash depression 101

    1. Sudden, massive, depressing event. 2. Stunned. 3. Self-medication* 4. Cry for help. 5. People offering said help. 6. Reluctant acceptance. 7. ???? 8. Life goes on 9. Profit? Fuck if I know. All I know is this morning royally sucked. Short version, I got fired, I'm not going into more detail...
  2. Croatoan

    Focused Member Spotlight #20 Featuring Blackstone

    BlackStone Age 25 Height 5'10" Star Sign Libra-Scorpio Cusp Location Colorado "Croatoan: Hello and welcome to this weeks Fever focussed member spotlight. This week with us is Blackstone. Before we begin, would...
  3. TurtleStrong

    Blackstone Slaughtes Noobs

    Featuring FlutterShy on Twitch
  4. Trubiano

    Project Blackstone

    Prepare ye' tin-foil hats as I believe (Which is udner SC2 section so its obviously sc2 related) is hinting at something other than an expansion in all honesty. I want to guess that they're using a Terran interface/theme for a more easily done SC2...