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  1. D

    Black Desert Online

    Hi, Just checking if anyone here plays BDO?
  2. C

    Black Squad

    Does anyone else play? Installed it and have played a little and its fun. I know I am super skeptical with free games but this one isn't half bad. Available on steam. Searched forums trying to find a thread for it and there were none. It reminds me of cs go and black ops sorta.
  3. W

    Black Desert Online - Mini Guide - The Life of Life Skiller Path

    Black Desert Online - Mini Guide - The Life of Life Skiller Path - YouTube
  4. crimsonfate

    Black Panther Teaser Trailer Sent from my SHIELD Tablet K1 using Tapatalk
  5. Kimenu

    WTB - Black Desert Online

    Black Desert Online is currently 40% off, I'm looking for a non-steam version of the game. I'll be willing to give 8k Fever coins for it
  6. H

    Striker class announced for Black Desert Online

    During a live stream on Twitch, Pearl Abyss announced exciting new content for their award-winning MMORPG, Black Desert Online. The first being “Vell”, a fearsome, gigantic sea monster that lurks beneath the waves of the recently added Margoria region. This massive beast is as large as a...
  7. Time201

    Dragoon or Black Mage?

    I just recently started FFXIV and was wondering if anyone here had a late game Dragoon/Black Mage. If you do, could you offer your opinions on either of the classes as I'm stuck deciding between the two!
  8. SunKenRock

    News: Black ops 2 over 100,000

    Seems by putting on backwards compatibility has boosted the amount of players active on the game. Link As it says,its a good way to have the communities still play some of the better games of the past.
  9. Requ1em

    Updates: Black Ops 3 - Patch Notes 12/20/16

    MULTIPLAYER Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that prevented Players from getting enough experience to prestige. ZOMBIES Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that prevented Players from getting enough experience to prestige.
  10. crimsonfate

    The Black List 2016: The most talked about film scripts that Hollywood isn't using

    Each year, Hollywood releases a list of scripts that executives have bought, but are currently not in production. These scripts may enter into production later. Here are some of the examples from this year's list...
  11. Requ1em

    Reppin' Fever - In Black Ops 2

  12. Firehazrd0

    Black Friday o.O

    Whats on everyone's radar this season to pick up while everything is cheap? I might grab a couple games here and there if I see a good deal, but I can't wait for 11/29 to start playing FFXV
  13. Kunezite

    Sale: Won't be around for Black Friday? G1 has you covered!

    Black Friday Sale The holidays can be busy for some, so this year we're offering an appetizer for our annual Black Friday sale so that everyone can grab a great deal. Starting now you can get up to 50% off most items in the ARMAS Marketplace. Today is also your last chance for the stock up...
  14. KittyMae

    TV: Black Mirror: Season 3 - Trailer
  15. KittyMae

    TV: Black Sails: Season 4 - Trailer
  16. NovaGenetics

    WTB Black ops 3 DLC Eclipse

    Done Bought the DLC myself, please close this thread.
  17. huugoperez_

    Call of duty: Black ops 3 PC

    So who is down to play some Bo3 on steam with me. i would like to play with some of you guys/gals. i would like to play in a group. add me if you want to play steam: |Fever|huugoperezz_
  18. KittyMae

    TV: Black Sails: Season 4 - Trailer
  19. aideng321

    Black ops 3 xbox one

    If anyone is down to play let me know!
  20. R

    Black Desert Online - Big 7-day-Trial Giveaway

    Hello! I checked the gameitems-site and saw this giveaway [here], and thought I could post it, since I didn't see any thread about it (maybe I just oversaw it, idk. Sorry in that case, and also if it's not allowed to just post threads linking to such sites). It's for NA & EU servers, as far...
  21. ziggie

    Black Desert Online

    I have 2 7 day guest passes for Black Desert Online if anyone is interested. Use them as you please. Code 1 : D224-399E-CCB3-4891-B8E0 Code 2 : 7DA5-FA92-C228-4DD8-A44A
  22. P

    Black Ops 1

    Just a heads up to anyone on xbox one black ops one is now backwards compatible also i play Bo3 on xbox one if anyone wants to add me my gt is SilentlyMurderN hope to see you on there
  23. Pudge Nubbins

    Want To Trade for Black Desert Online!

    I have a game and all of its DLC worth $76.76. Given it is an older game (Dungeon Defenders) I am willing to throw all my Fever coins into this as well... currently 7,670... it will be going up as I post and things so it could become a tiny bit more later on. Let me know if you are interested...
  24. L

    Black Sheep Social Recruiting! just another chat room!

    Rawr type Black Sheep Social done. ARAM / Xkill / Blind / Draft / Ranked Motto Blind = Instalock Draft = Practice Ranked = Bronze 4 Life Apply Now!
  25. Deltascourge

    Become a Content Creator for Black Desert Online

    Hello! If you're reading this then you might be interested in becoming a Content Creator for Black Desert Online! Here's what you need to know about being a Content Creator. Your job would entail posting in this part of the forums on a regular basis, to keep conversations going and keeping up...