1. B

    EU New member looking for bf1 players to play with

    If you play bf1 and like to work together as a team, pls add me on origin, ImmortalWarr1or
  2. Suurebud

    Just got BF1 for PC

    Just grabbed it, no previous experience with BF whatsoever, hoping for the best lol. I imagine it would be better with people to play with, so hit me up. Suurebud is my origin. Hope to see ya in game, could use a hand learnin the ropes.
  3. S

    Any active BF1 gamers looking for active gamers :)?

    hello just wanted to see how many active bf1 players we have in the community and possibly get a few people to group up with. been playing BF1 for 84 hours alone/in random groups to date, would really love to have some communication going and some better strats then everyone run in circles till...
  4. B

    EU BF1 squad, voicechat coop

    Hello everyone. I have started bf1 a few months ago and find it really boring and unchallenging to just play in random squads that are strangers to the word of "cooperative". I am interested in playing in a squad with voice chat and follow orders together, capture flags, not just random running...
  5. Sir-Dome

    Got BF1

    I got BF1 today but I don't know when im going to download it yet
  6. Cutt

    BF1 players

    IS there a list some where of active BF1 players? Anyone have any good idea on how to actively grow this part of Fever? These are some BF 1 stats I pulled at 4pm on a Tuesday.. Currently online players PC: 116,517 (24h peak: 119,129) XBOXONE: 158,427 (24h peak: 171,704) PS4...
  7. The Rev

    News: What We've Learned from the BF1 Open beta!

    It's nice to see they've listened to all the feedback the players have suggested to them! This being making the change to conquest by allowing kills to count toward the final score of the match as well as mentioning about adding a new gadget to the support class to help deal with with vehicles...