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  1. Ian

    BDO roster

    #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1arksun2017-09-1727CPT33 2Aussietye2017-08-0669SMA188 3Ayakuuu2017-09-2321SSG8 4Baum2017-10-140LTG1203 5Bizbone32017-09-1628VM41 6Bob_o2017-10-140COA3424 7DrDuck2017-07-2284SGT18 9Focus2017-10-068MGYSGT40 10Hedd2017-10-122SGM1035...
  2. Ian

    BDO is TO pay to win. Sliphantom's video on WoT made me realize this. Sliphantom is a World of Tanks YouTuber that makes comedic videos, but can make very thought provoking videos. A lot of the points made in this video about Pay to win made me think about BDO and how it wares down your patience to part ways with your hard earned...
  3. Linessah

    BDO Guide Index

    An index for guides/information posted to our forums for Black Desert Online!! Index: Classes & General Gameplay Income Life Skills Classes & General Gameplay Back to Top Income Short Mini guide for beginner trading. posted by Wesr Top Nodes! posted by Wesr Guide: Trade...
  4. Ian

    NA (WIP) BDO job listings

    Welcome to the job listings for BDO. Here's what we need so far: Orange jobs require Officership (2LT+) Green jobs are open to everyone Dark red is open to Fever Members only Guild game night coordinator -This job will basically be scheduling, helping out with game night activities, and...
  5. Focus

    BDO Romance v2

    I may be cheating on Deacon while he's away ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) WaywordOne
  6. Focus

    BDO Romance

    I'll never forget Deacon
  7. Cookie

    BDO Meeting Sunday June 18th 2017

    Meeting time will start at 7pm PST - 10pm EST just going over some stuff about the guild and the direction we are taking. also going to cover some stuff as to what you can do to help out. If you can not make the meeting please be sure to contact me or get a hold of me during the week and...
  8. Cookie

    2017 BDO Roster (UPDATED)

    #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1Bloodlotus2017-10-010SSG93 If you do NOT see your name on the list please provide the following information. Clan Name: Family Name: Character Name: Region: The Roster: 1D9Vb5JHKYWRrtWf2uUxucazhn_-Zs3Ow1b5ceStvPrU
  9. Bob_o

    BDO Activity

    Is there anyone that still plays BDO. I have been tossing around the idea of jumping back in again.
  10. Miss Joker

    BDO Awards

    Hello everyone! I know this was asked a long time ago, apparently we had problems getting this done. Better late than never. So we officially made the awards, you can go and request them : HERE Just for your own information, here's the list of the awards. Icon Image Name /...
  11. Kindred Spirit R

    P2W bdo aftermath

    How did the Fever Clan fare after the p2w blowout in BDO? Anyone leave because of it? Fyi. Not asking on opinions whether people thought it really was p2w or not. That part is controversial and I'm just interested in the effects on the guild activity wise.
  12. Wroctaw

    Looking to buy BDO

    Looking to buy black desert online with all my fever coins (10k after 30% transfer fee)
  13. Deltascourge


    Now that I finally got a good graphics card that can actually run games, I'm looking for some games to play, sadly I just spent all of my money on said graphics card. So now I'm looking to buy it with fevercoins. I'm specifically looking for Black Desert Online right now, but I may edit this...
  14. zefirus

    BDO optimize

    Team, Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on BDO and intensive the application can be on your GPU. BDO can run on both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms and can be run IN both so folks with a 64 bit environment can take advantage of that extra headroom. There are actually separate...
  15. LordsShield


    Hey guys just giving you a opportunity to see what black desert online is all about so you can see for yourself and make your decisions if you would like to buy it!!! ENJOY
  16. Leo

    BDO download is up

    Black Desert Online's download is finally up. Sasori Bob_o
  17. LordsShield


    hey guy's so the announcement we have all been waiting for. Black Desert Online will be release March 3 2016. the 2nd Closed beta period will be opening up on FEB 18th. if you want more information click HERE for more info