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  1. R

    charge barb build help?

    RN i have a charge barb capable of handling GR55 i cant seem to go any higher. any ideas for gear or itemization i should be having?
  2. Linessah

    Diablo 3 Guide & Information Index

    Lost on what to do? Can't find information you are looking for? Try here! You can search by either using the "Search Thread" function built into the forums or by using Ctrl+F on your keyboard. IMPORTANT INFO: Diablo 3 Info and Rules --- Please read & understand. Diablo 3 Player Awards Player...
  3. The_Krobar

    Grifts - Support Barb

    I am new to the clan! My name is the The Krobar! I just finished my support barb and can do 75+. Looking for a group to run with! Hit me up on Team Speak tomorrow!
  4. G

    An Inquiry for Our Barb Players in S6

    How many (if any) of you are planning in working toward the LoN Frenzy Thorns build, in Season 6? I ask because I am considering going ahead and sticking with Crusader for S6, and there appears to be some pretty crazy synergy between Frenzy Thorns and Sader support, now that Spiker was unfucked...
  5. Lofty

    Will WW Barb be viable in season 6?

    I'm trying to figure out what class I want to play in Season 6, I know in season 5 WW barb was not good at all. Does anyone know if WW barb is viable now?
  6. C

    Support Barb WW or HotA

    Hi all, I am a new member and am very excited about joining you all. I have noticed on the D3 leader boards recently that it appears may are using a ww barb. Does anyone know if ww is going to be taking over for HotA in the support category? Wanting to set up my barb so i can hopefully start...
  7. Muldred

    Pull Barb fun..

    IOSTREAM here is a video of that rift before you joined lol. To everyone else. I made a pull barb so I can help in grifts and decided to practice.
  8. G473R

    S5 Support Barb

    Messing around on the D3 Planner again. Came up with something dunno if it'll work without testing. Haven't thought it all out but it could work I think? I haven't played a support barb before. Not sure if you can ww and maintain fury with current setup so it might need to be modified...
  9. G473R

    S5 - Frenzy Barb (Video)

    Threw a build together and tested it most of the day today on the PTR. Seems HOTA is slow and just so so damage. WW has completely went into the crapper. There are a decent amount of new legendaries that were worth taking a look at that revolve around primary skills for barbs. How it works...
  10. G473R

    Current Patch Frenzy Barb

    I was playing around on the d3planner site and came up with something that might be fun to play. Its by no means better than other options but might be somewhere along the lines of HOTA in similarity. I wouldn't mind trying it just to be different, but gear takes so long to get :(. Anywhos...
  11. Adelius

    Barb questions!

    Hello hello! I'm about ten days into this character and thanks to you all I'm (barely) clearing GR30! My goal is to clear GR60 before the season ends. My plan is to pretty much copy the whirlwind barb build chainer1988 posted on...
  12. Pudge Nubbins

    2.4 LoN Fenzy Bash Build

    Hello everyone! I know this is PTR and things will change, so this guide will change accordingly to the changes with the PTR. Right now this works with LoN (800%) when it gets nerfed to 100% I'll tweak the build and stuff. FOR VARIANTS: I will be doing variants later, so I will not post them...
  13. joelinks

    HOTA Barb lfg for greater rifts 63+

    I'm good at hulk smashing things, I've been lucky enough to get up to lvl 62 solo grifts, paragon 700+ looking to get as close as possible to 1000 for one last push before season ends.
  14. L

    Looking to start a Barb this season.

    Just as above stated just looking for some tips, and tricks. Never played one before.
  15. BamBam

    Yes! Barb lovin

    I hope it sticks and maybe add some more when the patch goes live. (click on pic)
  16. JKWarhour

    Diablo 3 [Gameplay] - Batter Barb, Spare Time Fun =D
  17. K

    Need Barb Rune and Skill set

    Hey there. Been playing D3 with friends semi-regularly for the past couple months. My character is not particularly well geared but I can handle T2 on my own. What would be the best skill and rune set for a gearing player? I am currently running WW and either Cleave or Frenzy depending if I'm...
  18. A

    2h Barb question

    Would it be better to build up on crit/crit dmg or just focus on getting 80 ar, best str/vit gear?
  19. Cogrum

    Barbarian Page

    Barbarian - Game Guide - Diablo III