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  1. D

    I'm Back (Please Read)

    Hello everyone in the paladins section My name is Lowkey I have returned from the darkness and I am going to be trying my very best to get paladins back up and running again! I am very excited to be back here in |Fever| And if you wish to join me on paladins I will be hosting Gamenights very...
  2. R

    FSL September sign ups. It's back baby.

    The sign-ups for FSL September 2018 are now open! If you'd like to participate, please post your battle tag below. As with the last couple months' sign-ups; please post your league as well (Of the race you intend to play). The FSL will follow all the rules mentioned in the SC2 Tournament...
  3. TekNyne

    Im back, it has been awhile (hey all)

    (ArbiterAlfa was my name before) Just wanted to drop a general post stating that I am coming back from a long while of going through some changes throughout my life. Separation, moving, and much more (sparing many details haha). Anyways, thought I would give a shoutout to all those around and...
  4. Quiet


    Evening Everyone! After a log time and finally having a new computer, I am back. Looking forward to catching up and meeting new faces. -QuietRiot
  5. BadFishSC

    Back to WoW

    Hello. I'm returning to WoW after a small absence. The last time I played was in vanilla (2005-ish). I have been playing recently but am super lost. Playing 8 hours/day, just doing questing to hit max level is starting to really get tedious. It is hard to play the game because it feels like I'm...
  6. Shiny

    NA Need an invite back into the club

    Title. Was kicked out of the NA club for inactivity but im looking to get back into it. Also looking for people to hold my hand as i relearn builds and jungle timers/clears and all that :p IGN: EL Shiny
  7. L

    New to section: Want to get back into Smite and learn

    Hey all, I'm new to Fever Clan but not new to Smite. I've played a couple of years ago and have yet to get back into it, but I would like to! I was wondering if I would find anyone who's willing to play with a old player who forgot most of everything and teach while having some serious...
  8. W

    Want to get back in.

    I have abandoned Smite for a while and want to get back in. Are there some good guides out that are up to date. I still know what a moba is, but I have no idea about the meta builds and startegies.)
  9. Aussietye

    Laid back Comp teamate

    I am rank 1874 or something, not great by any means. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to team up and do comp with me on a regular basis in a more laid back setting. I want to climb as high as possible with someone but I dont want to rage about the teams im on or anything like that. If...
  10. Zecr

    I Am Back Boys!

    Hey guys I'm back, Not a lot of people probably remember me as I was super shy back then (still kind of am... a lot better now). But, here let me jog your memory, I was super active back in 2014-late2016 and was a Officer at one point. Kesem and Saud were some of my good friends. Kesem and I...
  11. MustangPunk

    Just Getting back to gaming

    Hey Diablo Fever players, Some of you may remember me others not. But I was an officer and had to take a leave of absence due to poor health. Not much has changed except I'm mentally adapting to my situation better. Anyway, I have applied to Clan FeverClan 2. I have 2 almost 3 season 13 70s, and...
  12. G

    Coming back to WoW

    Hey gang, Picking up wow again for some casual play, haven't played since WoD, and even then was pretty casual. Made a toon on Mal'Ganis, will make another on Stormrage, not sure if my schedule will match up with anyone else's. I'm on the west coast.
  13. KingCatNip

    Game Night Is Back

    Hello Everyone, Game Nights are coming back. Game Nights will be every Thursday starting at 6:00 pm Pacific. The first Game Night will be Thursday March 1st, 2018. These Game Nights will be more casual. If you are looking for something more competitive we have a squad that is gearing up...
  14. P

    Coming back after a year

    Hello Fever Clanmates! It has been over a year since I played league and I was wondering how much the game has changed. Additionally, I was never very good at jungling so I was hoping to hear from you guys who a good starter would be. I used to try Udyr but I found I still wasn't the...
  15. Wroctaw

    Coming back

    So I'm looking to come back to playing hots. Looking for people to play with and relearn strategies. My battletag is wroctaw#1954
  16. P

    Picking the game back up again

    Hey guys! So I played heroes during beta and it has been a while since I played since. There have been a lot of changes since, and I was unsure if I would be able to just pick it up and jump in, or if it would be like DOTA now where you just accept playing with really good people. Do you guys...
  17. Kinta

    I'm back

    Kintamas is BACK Been around since 2014, got to be an officer and be able to become a part of a good community. I was flooded with work and college but now that I'm a full time student taking mostly online courses and looking for part time work I'll be able to be apart of the community and...
  18. Yue

    Yue is Back

    Hello all and happy new year(s) I see we're using discord now instead of teamspeak?'s been a while >.<
  19. K

    Getting back into HotS

    Hi guys, I'm working on getting back into HotS and would love to have some people to play with. name is Korenth#1253.
  20. GonZo89

    Back from the dead! (Necromancer joke, D3...ah forget it...)

    Hello Fever! I had died, well, my PC had, and i rebuilt another one. I'm back after about a year or craziness and unfortunate happenings. Who do i have to chat with to be re-instated? Also, is teamspeak still being used? (D3/Smite player)
  21. C


    As 2017 is coming to a close, we take a look back at what happened in the second part of the year, recapping the most important events since the player break. The first part of 2017 was long and busy, with regular seasons of ESL Pro League and ECS, as well as many other big tournaments, fit in...
  22. BruC0Ndr

    Going back to ESO

    So i used to play this game alot back in the day on PS4, game is amazing, i played since Tamriel unlimited so i loved the game. i just think this is the right MMO right now to play. Especially with the Morrowind expansion in my opinion this MMO still alot of fun it plays really well...
  23. AWeeLittleFox

    Coming back

    I guess I'm back, at least for a little while. If anyone wants to play some HotS, Destiny 2, or maybe even League of Legends, lemme know! I look forward to seeing my old friends again and making new ones!
  24. NightWolf

    im back

    Hey im back i def want to get back into diablo 3 feel free to add my battle net nightxwolf#1268 im on NA
  25. osocoolguy25

    Officially back and looking for a competitive 5 man roster to make a team

    now that i have the time, i'm looking to form a new overwatch competitive team. preferably diamond or higher in this seasons placement.