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  1. sparkis

    Hearthpwn Amazon Coins Giveaway - Ends 28 Nov 11:59pm CT

    Hearthpwn is offering the chance to win 1000 Amazon coins just by commenting in this post. 1000 Amazon coins is around $10 USD equivalent so that works out to be around 7 packs worth. There are some conditions though. These are the conditions as listed on the site: The giveaway is open to...
  2. zefirus

    20% Legion for Amazon prime members

    It has 20% for WoW Legion and also for Overwatch. Not sure what else from blizzard. That is a pretty good deal up front.
  3. Synfull

    20% off Overwatch from Amazon Prime

    If you have Amazon Prime you now get 20% off all games ordered through them. I ordered my Overwatch CE through them and saved 26 bucks. Thought I would pass it on.
  4. ThomMerlin

    Get Amazon Prime for ONLY $67!!! Friday Only

    Amazon Prime Memberships Drop To $67 On Friday Only | TechCrunch
  5. NobleLion

    News: No more free app of the day - now it's Underground!

    Some of you had comments about the App of the Day feature offered by Amazon. It ranged from the equivalent of a Like to a dislike because it was deemed unfair to developers who had no choice in having their app be given away for free. I haven't posted follow-up news on that, but lo and...
  6. Miz Redavni

    Amazon Shopping list

    What kind of things have you bought off Amazon? Share and show off!
  7. Hasmed

    Free Amazon Gift Cards|Steam Wallet Funds| Much more

    Ok Guy this is perfect, as so may know I am about to get married. I have a decent job but I want to start giving away some more and giving back to ppl in the form of comps and such and other things. So I need you help! What I need is you to follow these steps and indirectly help and help...
  8. geordie009

    Amazon Fire - The phone that couldn't

    ------------------- 99c Amazon Fire ------------------- Josh Gahan - 10th September 2014 Today has been about the iPhone 6 and pretty much every news and tech website has something about it, hey! even i wrote an article this morning about it but yesterday during the hype of the Apple...
  9. D


    Edit: Don't forget to use LTT's affiliate links to help Linus Media Group! Amazon Kingston SSDNow V300 120/240GB $65.99/$124.99 - Hot Deals - Linus Tech Tips Update: As of 2/17, the 120GB version is $66. It's a great value ssd and I've worked with a good number of these. They feel quite...
  10. WASP

    Xbox One re-overtakes PS4 on Amazon bestseller charts

    What a difference a day makes. Earlier this month Xbox One was tracking ahead of PS4 in Amazons video games bestselling charts. Then E3 happened and everything changed. Just hours after Sonys victorious E3 press event Sonys machine overtook Microsofts amid stories of cancelled pre-orders...
  11. Bogo

    Sony PlayStation 4 Launch Edition Already Sold Out At Amazon

    Forbes: Gamers are speaking with their wallets following E3 2013, a show that was dominated by Sony PlayStation 4 in the next gen battle. Amazon has already sold out of the $400 PlayStation 4 launch edition of the next gen console, which will be available on day one of Sony’s launch. Sony is...
  12. Dvo

    annoyed with amazon

    So i ordered the game via amazon november of 2012. i got an email today saying it has been shipped...... and should arrive between 3/18/13 and 3/22/12... i was promised release day delivery anyone else get this?
  13. T

    HoTS Beta - Amazon

    Hello! Anyone recently ordered from and gotten access into the beta? I just pre-ordered from Amazon and am hoping they'll email me a key! Just checkin to see if anyone else has. Thanks!
  14. Cohan

    Amazon Prime Free for Students (6 months)

    Amazon Student Please join for free if your a student within the US. This is my referral link. Just so you know, every referral is $10. So if I refer you and you refer other people you can get free credit on your Amazon account too. I'm going to use the credit to buy other books needed for...
  15. Verathis

    For College Students - Amazon Student

    Amazon has a free program called Amazon Student. Basically, it's 6 months of free 2-day shipping, and a couple other perks, for college students. You need a valid .edu email address to sign up. Amazon Student NOTE: This is a referral link. Basically, I get $10 credit on there for each...
  16. DrinkingWhiskey

    Steam sale 17.99 !

    20 bucks on amazon right now for combined ops ArmA2: Combined Operations [Download]: Video Games