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  1. Shonenn

    If anyone would like some coaching or just advice to improve

    Hi, my name is Shonenn and I have played Heroes of the Storm since alpha. I was rank 1 before they changed the ranking system and Plat-Diamond afterward. If there is anyone that I can help , I am happy to do so. Not saying I am the best thing since pants with pockets but I am sure I have game...
  2. Nightbreez

    General Game Play Advice

    This is a collection of Tips and advice that I kept in my personal discord when the team was running. Most is pertaining to draft in a non team environment as of right now. Keep in mind I Still use builds from my "Finishing Kills With Varian" topic. I am Posting them here for everyone to see and...
  3. Hoyy

    Seeking advice and wisdom

    Hello everyone. Some people know me in this community. I am sure there are plenty who do not. I am also sure there are people who view my stances on things to be old-fashioned or wrong. So why am I writing this. To put it simply, I want advice. But I want your unbiased advice. I am often...
  4. nomad21

    Silver protoss build order and macro advice

    Hi guys, Im currently a silver protoss, and I'm doing fairly well in the league. The problem is that I know that I'm being really inefficient with the games that I play... Does anyone know where to get good builds to follow? Atm, the builds I can do fairly well are the standard: 1) Adept...
  5. T

    Some good coaching / advice

    Synizta Arimil <--so you 2 know I want to thank Kazik and Pre3ston for all the good coaching and advice they gave me today on playing the Terran @ Zerg, learn some good plays on how to build better/faster, scouting, and how to stop a rush. Thanks guys for showing me whats up i think down the...
  6. Paranoia Origins

    LF Advice for my builds for supports

    I've been losing alot of games and such so maybe something wrong with this or something idk. Runes I've had up since season 5 ParanoiaOrigins - Runes - League of Legends Masteries I have Up So far Since season 5
  7. ActualJosh

    Where do you get Signatures from?

    So I was browsing the forums today and couldn't help noticing all the epic signatures that most people have. So I started looking about on the internet and couldn't find anything that I liked or was decent. I then found a thread from a while ago where someone was making signatures that were up...
  8. Ballbuster

    Newbie, Advice for a prepubescent Monk

    Hey Everyone! I'm about as fresh as they come, Emrilia actually talked me into D3 and I'm totally digging this game! She was even grateful enough to help me get to level 70 with my Monk/Witch Doctor. So a huge shout out to her, and there was another member who also helped for a while but I...
  9. Zahbo

    Advice, tips, I dunno....

    Let me start off by saying "if this comes off like bitching, TOTALLY NOT MY INTENT". I know sometimes meaning gets lost in straight text. Ok, having said that, help. Been with the Diablo clan for my 4th season now. Past seasons were spent mainly solo, just doing event nights. Rolled into...
  10. Corbalux

    US: Looking to sub for swtor but not sure if i should any advice : )

    I've seen many who have sub let it drop, and i was wondering if tht will be the case for me i mean i have enough to sub or buy apex dlc for arma 3 and idk which i should do. Please help me my friends and clan mates : ).
  11. Sigem

    Need advice on my barbs (Zbarb and Tbarb)

    (Warning long post) I`ve been fooling around with this build since late in season 5 and i`m feeling like it`s now achieved adulthood or at least, big teenager :) It's a leaping Zbarb build that brings all the bells and whistles...
  12. C

    Changing lanes and Advice plz :)

    So usually i main ADC with jinx twitch and sivir being my go to champs. well that landing me in b5 not because im not good with them just adc sometimes causes you to depend alot on the team and sometimes you cant do that to carry. so last month i tried the new graves top and felt as tho i could...
  13. Battlecanuck

    Advice, etc.

    Hi everyone who plays League. I wanted to ask about getting some coaching with the game. I just recently dinged level 30 and I have a few pages of runes and masteries I have bought along the way. I am looking to spend some time in TS and in game to brush up my skills. I haven't decided on a...
  14. C

    Any advice to a new player to improve?

    I've been watching IEM Katowice group stages and it got me really hyped to try the game out. Got a pretty decent idea of tactics, what to buy, when to buy etc. Problem is when I try to play a game, I absolutely suck. I don't seem to match the people I play against in terms of speed, and I can...
  15. C

    advice on evelynn

    Hey guys so i just started to pick up evelynn and im loving her for an assassin jungler. I'm not really use to playing ap junglers nor someone who gameplay is basically get to the back line kill the carry get the hell out of dodge. Do you guys have any advice on what i should build jungle paths...
  16. E

    Looking for advice on monk builds

    So right now I am running the Inna's / Travelers & Compose pet build on my monk (because it was the first build in which I collected all the gear for) and I am liking it so far. It seems to be a decent build where I can run 45 greater rifts in under 6 mintues with a decent maps and generally...
  17. Y

    Any crusader advice for season 5?

    Just started into season 5 and starting crusader. Any tips?
  18. Idolator

    Need advice on Streaming

    So from what I heard LoL's new season is starting soon (on the 11th from what I was told) and I thought it was time for me to finally get into Ranked matches. I would like to stream some of these matches on Twitch (as well as some Paladins and maybe Smite). Since I have no experience in...
  19. Nyos

    LF advice in wizard hardcore build

    Hey folks! lately I've been playing my hardcore hero who happens to be a wizard. I tried many specs but still didn't find a good one to make it fun for me to play. So if you have any suggestion about a specc I could use as a starter 70, I would appreciate it to keep me going on HC mode. I know...
  20. Rulcaine

    Need some advice about Chronos

    Hello mates ; Chronos is kind a my main god which is im feeling very comfortable whem im playing with it but the thing is i've been looking for some item guides for chronos but non of them feels right maybe you guys can help me a little so , mostly im playing solo with chronos but as we...
  21. Beat Knuckle

    Newb Questions

    I'm still relatively new to Diablo 3 and I have some questions the more experienced players might be able to help me with. I apologize if there have been other threads with these same questions, but my search fu is weak and since we're expected to post in the forums regularly, I figured this...
  22. NobleLion

    Advice for getting through to doing your workout?

    I just got done with a very short workout. It wasn't my best, but I made it to do something. It was a struggle to go, and today just felt like a day to take it easy and veg. What do people here that do some type of workout routine do or some type of fitness activity do to stay on track...
  23. S

    monk gear advice

    I some of you could take the time to review my current gear and let me know what i should reroll id greatly appreciate it. I know im in need of a hellfire amulet and paragon points as im only at 526 but that aside what can i do to progress im stuck at 50 and i feel like im not doing the dmg i...
  24. I

    Icy's Need Advice Thread

    Okay So I've been too fast pace at the beginning.. So now I have reach to a kinda problem. I've been having problems farming enough bounties mats for Kanai's cube. (1st Problem, cause I wan the potrait reward) 2nd I see allot of monk using the Exploding Palm set and boy the sure are fast. My...
  25. F

    Need some advice before coming back.

    Hwy all, So i am thinking about coming back to WoW I havnt played since MoP I got a few characters to 85 or at least close. My issue is all of my characters are on my old PvP server. I can't remember it off the top of my head. Stormreaverr maybe? Anyways my options are to just restart my...