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  1. niko

    Music: No Adds No Kidding

    So recently a friend of mine turned on to this site where you can listen to a que that is endless for various genres of music. I have not heard a single ad and I've been listening to the music on the same channel for several days now. The different channels are modded so no troll songs are...
  2. Bish1234

    Updates: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare adds a sniper-only mode (Correction)

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has introduced a new, sniper-only mode called "one-shot" Correction: An earlier version of this story said this playlist would be removed on Monday. It will remain; a double XP weekend is what expires on Monday. The remainder of the original post continues...
  3. LethalMuffinMan

    Planetside 2 coming to PS4, new update recently released, adds new vehicle, bases to

    With the end of PAX Prime this past weekend, there was news about SOEs MMOFPS Planetside 2. SOE said that the game is finally starting to make its way towards the PS4. When the game was announced, they said it would make its way to the system, but they didnt say when. Now, the game developers...
  4. Lil_Nora

    1.8 adds Banners! Show us yours!

    Hey there Minecraft folks, all of you vanilla guys are I guess as hyped with the newly added banners as I am. Here a Screenshot how they look ingame and some of my random creations and MY own true banner. The middle one I have found for myself, I think it represents my "kingdom" very well. Or...
  5. Bogo

    Prison Architect Update 21 Adds Bazooka, Rambo, Surrender

    Prison Architect Update 21 Its possible that some of you have overdosed on Prison Architect update videos by now, but if youre like me and still in the throes of a monthly addiction to the incarceration management sims new features, then this months hit is a good one. As explained on the...