9/26/15 | Gaming Community | FeverClan


  1. Mossyoak

    Introduction 9/26/15

    Hello team, we have another introduction that could use your attention. *whispers* It's a girl! So go give it your all :P Miiko Your Awesome Manager, Mossyoak ChaosKnightI Firefighter4ISU gamerhellborn JSTFY Ladykayden Lepi Lockus Luzian MorbidLemming Shadowborne Sixth Spectre...
  2. Spectre

    News: Rocket League In-House 9/26/15

    Although not really "news" i wanted to try and expand our Rocket League community. A lot of us play it. All goes well , i might make this a weekly or multiple times a week thing. So saying that, i would like to host an In-House for Rocket League (If we get more than 10 people we will do...
  3. Spectre

    IN HOUSE NIGHTs 9/25/15 AND 9/26/15

    Reminder that all Fever rules will apply. I will be hosting 2 nights of LoL In Houses. NIGHT 1: Normal Night 6pm-8pm EST Filled with 5v5's or 3v3's That's it Any questions let me know. NIGHT 2: ARAM Night Filled with all ARAM's either 5-man or 10-man (5v5) That's it Any...