9/25/15 | Gaming Community | FeverClan


  1. Mossyoak

    Introductions 9/25/15

    Greetings team! Haven't had to many introductions recently, but we do have two new ones! So go show them some love and get to know them! Vihvee Dexeira Your Awesome Manager, Mossyoak ChaosKnightI Firefighter4ISU gamerhellborn JSTFY Ladykayden Lepi Lockus Luzian MorbidLemming...
  2. Spectre

    IN HOUSE NIGHTs 9/25/15 AND 9/26/15

    Reminder that all Fever rules will apply. I will be hosting 2 nights of LoL In Houses. NIGHT 1: Normal Night 6pm-8pm EST Filled with 5v5's or 3v3's That's it Any questions let me know. NIGHT 2: ARAM Night Filled with all ARAM's either 5-man or 10-man (5v5) That's it Any...