9/16/15 | Gaming Community | FeverClan


  1. Mossyoak

    Introductions 9/16/15

    Hello again team! We have three new introductions from awesome individuals! Go on over to their thread and show them some Fever love! Willie Fuzy AncientEvil Your Kickass Manager, Mossyoak ChaosKnightI Firefighter4ISU gamerhellborn Ladykayden Lockus Luzian MorbidLemming RedHill...
  2. GrizzlyAdams

    Hump Day HotS! 9/16/15

    Hey everyone! It's Hump Day HotS time again! Games start at 7:00 PM CST. I will be jumping into the game night channels about 15 minutes ahead of time, during which anyone who would like to show up early to give input on what they'd like to play (in-houses, hide-and-seek, etc.) is more than...