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  1. hrgordon

    Mafia game #20 signups

    efgodlike Rage487 Hazazer Yass Aug ender stigmaoftherose Deltascourge Fox billy_da_bob Sithis Kimenu bunkerbuster saud SimplyPam Blackstone SimplyPam Esh Izzo Rizzah Emmy Ariel New game. tag anyone who would be interested. I have a cap of 20 players this game (yes, i realize thats a...
  2. J

    SMITE - Top 5 Xbox Plays #20

    SMITE - Top 5 Xbox Plays #20 Hello guys another Top 5 Plays here but Xbox Edition this time. Some very nice kills and good timing abilities to get either a triple in Joust and so on. Getting them quarda kills we love it. Anyway make sure you leave your favourite Top 5 Play moment down below...
  3. Croatoan

    Focused Member Spotlight #20 Featuring Blackstone

    BlackStone Age 25 Height 5'10" Star Sign Libra-Scorpio Cusp Location Colorado https://soundcloud.com/crocroatoan/blackstone-interview "Croatoan: Hello and welcome to this weeks Fever focussed member spotlight. This week with us is Blackstone. Before we begin, would...
  4. B

    Starcraft 2 Newsletter #20

    Issue # 20 Hey everybody, today we have an interview from one of my Grandmaster friends. We both met playing the arcade game 'Runling Run', which we had played for at least a hundred hours together on. He's a really cool dude and since then has achieved Grandmasters league...