1. News Bot

    Wasteland 2 gameplay trailer sentenced to 18 minutes in the slammer

    Wasteland 2 is a still away, so if you're hankering for a cruel wasteland but live outside our devastated manufacturing cities (social commentary, you guys), indulge yourself with a new 18-minute gameplay walkthrough for inXile's retro RPG. The video sees a party of Rangers exploring a...
  2. News Bot

    Dragon's Prophet MMO launching on September 18

    Runewaker's free-to-play dragon-riding MMORPG Dragon's Prophet will officially launch for PC on September 18, publisher Sony Online Entertainment has announced. It's currently in open beta testing so you can play it now if you really want, but it's reportedly a bit wonky so you may want to wait...
  3. Shiftry

    News: 18 year old risk 8 years in prison becouse of LoL.

    Hi there Fellow Fever Members i recently came across a video where a 18 year old teenager faces a minimum of 8 years in prison after making what the athoritys call a terroristic threat against a school full of kids. It all apparently happen on facebook betwin 2 friends arguing about the game...
  4. News Bot

    Company of Heroes 2 open beta launches today, lasts through June 18

    Company of Heroes is launching its open beta test later today, developer Relic Entertainment has announced. You'll have roughly two weeks to survive the bitter Russian cold, as the beta is planned to run through June 18. The open beta will let you tinker with six of the maps, in both...
  5. News Bot

    Plants vs. Zombies 2 confirmed for July 18

    Plants vs. Zombies 2 is coming to iOS on July 18, with Crazy Dave returning with a new mixture of plants and levels to keep the dreaded zombies at bay. Of course, this time, it appears that time travel may be involved. Developer PopCap gives some context to the "It's About Time" subtitle...
  6. News Bot

    Epic Mickey 2 for Vita coming June 18

    The Vita version of Epic Mickey 2 is coming on June 18. The announcement of a release date came alongside some more details about how the game will take advantage of the Vita's touch screen. The PlayStation Blog has the details. We already knew that it would feature touch controls for painting...
  7. Riotswitch

    Local News: Gotta love it when SXSW hits Austin 18 cars at dealership in a car crash

    Accident damages 18 cars at Hyundai dealership | kvue.com Austin
  8. Ancestor

    HotS Beta balance update #10 December 18, 2012

    The official update link is here: Beta Balance Update #10 I think it's huge. I am honestly sick of this beta period. I want the game to be officialy released so that these kind of major changes and so many at a time don't happen anymore. Why would you decrease fungal growth range from 9 to 8...
  9. AngryMax

    Patch notes SMITE, Oct 18

    Freya, NEW GOD BRISINGAMENS BLESSING (PASSIVE) Freyas necklace converts 20% of her magical power to physical power, allowing her basic attacks to gain in strength as her magical strength grows. IRRADIATE Freya activates a buff that lasts for 5 seconds that makes her basic physical attacks...
  10. Agent Of Zion

    Mafia Game 18 Mafia/Fool Win

    The People Jetien bottomset Kronius Circus Clown 4phr0d173 Kirbz Cybernetcrash Aug Validius Poly Sura cidiantoby The Roles Governor Gunsmith Bodyguard Doctor Hunter Oracle Watcher Killer Fool Hooker Poisoner Regular Mafia I am really busy, so any particular person...
  11. Agent Of Zion

    Mafia Game 18 Signups

    12 people again, 7 town 2 third party and 3 maf like last time. Jetien bottomset Kronius Circus Clown All have spots reserved.
  12. Grandpa

    Zerg: The Enigmatic 11 pool 18 hatch

    I just wanted to take a few moments and clear up a couple of misconceptions Ive heard from people about the 11 pool 18 hatch opening I use in ZvZ. Im not so much trying to defend my choice of opening, but more to give some of my fellow zergs another viable alternative to the 14 hatch 15 pool...