1. News Bot

    Sea of Thieves Patch Notes 1.0.8 Include Previously-Removed Item Sharing Feature

    As promised, Sea of Thieves has received constant after-release support in the form of updates, and the latest one – Update 1.0.8 – includes a multitude of bug fixes, color blind support, and updates to those damnable squawking chickens. This latest patch isn’t expected to...
  2. Tachkilius

    Emergency Closing of Auction House(patch 1.0.8 5/7/2013)

    Final Edit: Out of courtesy more than anything -- If you see the linke in edit 2, chances are it explains what I'm about to say (not 100% sure on that). It opened again on 5/10/2013 ~10PM and all the updates by Blizzard on the situation was posted in D3 forums here: Auction Houses Temporarily...
  3. News Bot

    Diablo 1.0.8 patch live with multiplayer upgrades

    The promised upgrades to Diablo 3's cooperative play experience are out today with the new 1.0.8 patch, along with a bunch of adjustments to the classes, monsters and loot to make adventuring a bit easier. Numerous matchmaking and social functions have been added to make it easier to find and...