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  1. Sixxed17

    Completed: Overwatch Game Night

    Game: Overwatch Date: 4/7/21 Host Name Sixxed17 Participants: Ugabuga gebug BlixxieThunder toxks vaguity Miss Joker Guests: Wrex bp
  2. Sixxed17

    Tournament League of Legends Tournament

    League tournaments are coming back! I will be working with Rhuvia to get another tournament set up. This will be within the coming weeks and I want to gauge interest. Teamfight Tactics, 5 v 5, 1 v 1? Let Rhuvia know what you would like to see and we will release the date, time, and all other...
  3. Sixxed17

    Tournament Upcoming Overwatch Tournament

    I will be collaborating with the Overwatch community to host a tournament for the Overwatch fans. Ugabuga Miss Joker and myself will be collaborating to get this set up. There is no set timetable for this as we want this to be great experience for all of you. I just wanted to let you guys know...
  4. Sixxed17

    What are you watching?

    Currently watching! Trinity Blood (rewatching + reading with the manga) The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter (Completed as of 3/27/21) So I'm a Spider, So What? Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  5. Sixxed17

    The Return of All Fever Town of Salem

    Sign me up coach
  6. Sixxed17

    New to section: Valorant

    Valorant is a FPS shooter from Riot Games. I'm just curious how many players are active in this community and if any would be interested in game nights for this game?
  7. Sixxed17

    Completed: League of Legends 11/16/20

    Participants: Shonenn mexican5241 Rhuvia Parksy Ugabuga Deathe25 Sixxed17 Non-Fever: Mantuka
  8. Sixxed17

    Completed: Heroes of the Storm

    Date: 11/8/2020 Host: Sixxed17 Fever Attendees: Shonenn Ms. Silverbell Drizzt1350 Azngirlx94 Sixxed17 Hydra Non-Fever Attendees: Feledryn Yoshi
  9. Sixxed17

    Completed: Participation Logs: League of Legends (TFT)

    Game: League of Legends (Team Fight Tactics) Host: Sixxed17 Participants: Badger R3D gfrench Sixxed17
  10. Sixxed17

    TFT Section

    I'm attempting to get a designated TFT night going weekly in the League section. I need some volunteers who would be up for hosting game nights, hosting events, or handling recruiting for this subsection. Please DM me in Discord or post here if interested.
  11. Sixxed17

    Completed: League of Legends Game Night 10/20

    Date: 10/20/20 Game: League of Legends Fever Participants: @PhoenixAce Burns2PvP ShadowMalachi gfrench Shonenn Sixxed17 SilverDuke310 Shenanoska Badger Non-Fever Participants: Mantuka
  12. Sixxed17

    Completed: League of Legends Game Night 10/14

    Game: League of Legends - TFT Date: 10/14 Fever Participants: Farzoth SilverDuke310 Ugabuga NightWolf @PhoenixAce Shenanoska Sixxed17 Non-Fever Participant(s): Mantuka
  13. Sixxed17

    Completed: League of Legends: TFT Tournament

    Game: League of Legends Date Held: 9/29/20 Host: Sixxed17 Fever Participants: SilverDuke310 Shenanoska Badger @5herl0ckz Non-Fever Participants: Ferothen Loz Pixee Mantuka
  14. Sixxed17

    Event: TFT Tournament 9/29/20 8:30 PM EST

    MantukaAzngirlx94ShonennBadger SilverDuke310 Esic_FTW Kaytrix
  15. Sixxed17

    Completed: League Game Night/TFT Tournament

    TFT Tournament 9/8/20 5h3r10ckz Badger Shonenn Shenanoska Azngirlx94 mexican5241 macho0001 SilverDuke310 Non-Fever Participants: Mantuka EsicFTW Kaytrix MakarBlits cancelmyfuneral Hawtpooter Rawrlove
  16. Sixxed17

    Event: TFT Tournament 9/29/20 8:30 PM EST

    Due to the success of this TFT Tournament, we will be hosting another tournament 9/29/20 @ 8:30 PM EST. Prize pool will be announced the week of the tournament. Rules: 1) Round Robin Style 2) Groups of 8 players (you must draft your team and must have 2 subs in case people don't show otherwise...
  17. Sixxed17

    Completed: League of Legends Tournament

    Sorry I'm posting this late. This tournament occurred Thursday night 9/3/20. R3D @kalnamos Azngirlx94 Shonenn mexican5241 SilverDuke310 Non-fever: deltabbx, mantuka
  18. Sixxed17

    Event: TFT Tournament

    Megaman zxShonennAzngirlx94YoshiBinDaleZeleraZkenMantukaBadger mexican5241SilverDuke310kaytrix 5h3r10ckz esic_ftw Sixxed17 shenanoska These are current sign ups.
  19. Sixxed17

    Event: TFT Tournament

    We are having a Team Fight Tactics Open Tournament. Invite your friends. This is NOT exclusive to Fever members, although Fever members will get preference with available spots. I would prefer 24 players. Sign up ends Monday at 11 AM EST
  20. Sixxed17

    Completed: Game Night for League of Legends

    Shenanoska Azngirlx94 Shonenn Ballbuster Cid Raines macho0001 mexican5241 SilverDuke310
  21. Sixxed17

    Spirit Blossom Event

    I'm going to host a game night Wednesday. For all who attend and play at least 1 game with us, I'll put you in a drawing to win 1 Spirit Blossom skin of YOUR choice :D. It's that easy. Of course, the more games you play with us, the better your chances of winning it. I'll have someone other than...
  22. Sixxed17

    Completed: Participation logs: Game Night for League of Legends

    User name: Sixxed17 Game Night Title: League of Legends Date Hosted Jul 22, 2020 Host Name Sixxed17 Participants mantuka Azngirlx94 Shonenn SilverDuke310 Trust mexican5241 Comments Spirit Blossom Event Launch for League of Legends.
  23. Sixxed17

    So what hero do you play?

    I'm updating mine here. Sombra, Mercy, Genji, Brig, Ana, Lucio. Been LOVING playing Brig lately
  24. Sixxed17

    New Event: Baptiste Reunion

    They just made the new Baptiste event live. It's similar to the Ana event in which you win 9 games and win cosmetic items (sprays, a skin). You can also watch Overwatch Streamers for sprays. Here...
  25. Sixxed17

    So what hero do you play?

    I'm actually going to update mine. I don't play Pharah hardly at all anymore. I still do play Mercy occasionally, but I mostly play: Sombra, Ana, Baptiste.