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  1. WAO138

    Video: Kalopsia Blue - a lovely summer track :) can't wait to listen to all those old Blizzard tracks once again xD
  2. WAO138

    Wolfenstein: the new order

    Just started playing it and man it's gotten some serious tones :) those nazis really promote themselves but it takes the game to a different level like the other Wolfenstein games xD really enjoy it so far so Uzzy have you gotten around to it ?? :D
  3. WAO138

    Discussion: musician for 15 years now and my friends still don't get me !! :)

    So I've been a tuba-player for about 15 years now and i've gotten pretty good at it (at least that's what my music-friends are telling me) but I have come to think of it: none of my friends get me because I play Jazz, classic, marching, soft rock and lots of other types of music with my friends...
  4. WAO138

    TV: 24 Season 9 has finally started !!!

    Anyone watching the show? Just thought that it would be nice if anyone did so I could see who enjoys the show as much as I do :) The first two parts were absolutely fantastic!! :D They had the same energy and thrill as some of the later seasons which was something that I appreciated. I...
  5. WAO138

    WAO138's Application

    Games you play: BF4, ME3, Crysis 2 and 3, GTA 4, Bulletstorm and many others Main Game: Battlefield 4 Age: 23 Gender: Male Country: Denmark MW3/Battlefield Username: WAO138 League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Steam Username: HoxtieNator...