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  1. WAO138

    Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 or Bad Company 2

    BF4 :) although BF3 is still awesome :D xD
  2. WAO138

    Opinion: Battlefield Hardline Doesnt Look Bad, But It Shouldnt Be Called Battlefiel

    it looks like we might play this after we said that we wouldn't :)
  3. WAO138

    Favorite Robin Williams movie/show?

    Flubber - watch it with my nephews all the time :D xD they LOVE it ;) man he made lots of gr8 movies :) sad he's gone already
  4. WAO138

    Fever Server?

    it sounds like a briliant idea :) xD
  5. WAO138

    Movie: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    the teaser looked awesome - can't wait to see it, and man a new writer (who wrote the script for Argo) this is looking good :) xD
  6. WAO138

    Battlefield Hardline Delayed Until "Early 2015"

    no Hardline for me - I think i'll take Dragon Age INC, Alien Isolation and Mass Effect 4 anyday when it comes out :)
  7. WAO138

    I enjoy the hell out of BF4 and all but...

    true that mate :) true that
  8. WAO138

    I enjoy the hell out of BF4 and all but...

    BF4 is getting better and we gotta thank CTE for that so yeah if they keep it going - it might just become a game to love more than to hate :) xD
  9. WAO138

    dragons teeth

    yup can't wait though its the week where I have to work a lot so I might need to push a week :(
  10. WAO138

    Alliance of Valliant Arms

    played this game a lot too - its gr8 fun and very basic, but man is it fun with a lot of good teamwork :D xD
  11. WAO138

    Music: Song of the Day

    Well you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go Only know you've been high when you're feeling low Only hate the road when youre missin' home Only know you love her when you let her go x2 And you...
  12. WAO138

    How Many of You Play Battlefield 3

    I might start playing it again :D xD
  13. WAO138

    How many of you play BF4 on PC right now?

    PC all the way :) xD my ps3 is broke... so... yeah... xD
  14. WAO138

    Clan match?

    We'll take the fight to "THE LAST SHIP" xD we might just win it :D xD
  15. WAO138

    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #135!

    Looks great :) Man does he really have so much money - use a billion and BF would be slick to play in no time xD
  16. WAO138

    Hi Everyone-New member

    well welcome to you mate :) hope to catch you playing someday :D could be fun :)
  17. WAO138 something good for hardline by Jackfrags :D xD something good for hardline by Jackfrags :D xD
  18. WAO138

    VOTE: What time for FPS TOURNAMENT?

    I should be able to make so just name it :)
  19. WAO138

    Discussion: Musician Players

    Not many people bother with listening to an instrument that they don't see important at all, but I have learned that it really is. If I'm not there - it would be difficult for the others :D but yeah for sure i'm still going strong with the band and I can't wait for the competitions going on this...
  20. WAO138

    Discussion: Musician Players

    i've played the tuba for around 15 years and then the guitar for a year, piano for a year and flute for 4 years. played the trumpet as well, but chose my tuba instead as i'm loving it much more :D but yeah playing a lot of other instruments with the band whenever I can :) Playing with a small...
  21. WAO138

    Opening a Server!

    looks good man :D xD maybe get some BF3 again soon
  22. WAO138

    Just cuz i can !!!!

    nice one joker :) I can't wait to play again soon when I have time :)
  23. WAO138

    Clan match?

    i'll try and make it happen :) xD
  24. WAO138

    Battlefield hard line

    Might do it, but only because I love playing pay day and this reminds me of it in a lot of ways :D xD
  25. WAO138

    Batman: Arkham Knight: seen at E3 2014

    Man I can't wait for this :beguiled: