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    LF players scrimm serious

    I would like to participate, message me here if you are interested.
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    Meepo is amazing.
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    Stat Tracker

    This is really nice thanks for posting this. I will definitely be using this from now on
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    Why blade mail should not be core on axe

    I never really realized that it reflected magic as well thanks for pointing that out.
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    Why blade mail should not be core on axe

    What I am saying here, is that I think blade mail is WAY more situational that core for axe that is all. I do agree in some places it can be used nicely like against tinker for example.
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    Why blade mail should not be core on axe

    When playing Axe most players, even myself for a while looked at blade mail as an amazing choice that goes really well with his kit. This is one really good reasons why not to get blade mail. If you use this formula to determine damage reduction from armor. (( 0.06 * armor ) / (1 + 0.06 *...
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    How to properly use Molotovs and other tips.

    Really helpful thanks
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    Yeah, I know it just really sucks I can't play with you guys as much. I just got CSGO as well.
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    I won't be on much in the next week or two, because of some issues with my computer. Right now I am on my school laptop to post this. Recently one of the parts in my computer broke. Basically I have a part called a cool master v8 which cools my quad core processor. The cool master v8 comes with...
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    This is really a nice guide, though I already do this I am sure it will help lots of people :)
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    Dota 2 Item Gambling

    Yeah, I don't really understand the Equivalent Exchange table either. Could you please explain it better?
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    Ytry app

    What game(s) do you play: Dota 2, Minecraft, League of Legends(I rarely play any more,) Of these, which is your main game: DOTA 2 Age: 16 Gender: Male Country: United States of America MW3/Battlefield User Name: N / A League of Legends/DOTA 2 User Name : Ytry for league, Daciah / Ytry for...