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  1. Quinn

    Magical Girl Raising Project

    Magical Girl Raising Project is based on the manga Mahō Shōjo Ikusei Keikaku, which was written by Asari Endō. The anime adaptation aired in late 2016. [Plot taken from the official MGRP fan page] ------ "A popular social game known as the Magical Girl Raising Project has the ability to...
  2. Quinn

    Attack on Titan

    I know this anime is pretty popular, but I never watched it until just recently and I can't believe I hadn't watched it sooner. Though it may have its gorey moments, the plot is pretty good and I became addicted to it pretty quickly. Anyone else share the same views...
  3. Quinn

    Anyone playing MC Vanilla?

    I would really like to play with some other people on a server. Is anyone still playing?
  4. Quinn

    Resolved: Team Speak?

    I've had this problem for a while now, but it's really starting to bug me. Team Speak won't let me change my nickname to update my rank. Like, it will change when update the name, but as soon as I log out and come back it resets to what it was before. Does anyone know how to fix it? Any help...
  5. Quinn

    Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Trailer
  6. Quinn

    Music: Gorillaz- DARE

    I've literally had this darn song stuck in my head for 3 days straight. That's how catchy it is. This song is from the same band that did "Feel Good Inc."
  7. Quinn


    Symphogear also known as Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Two seasons. (Second season- Symphogear G) Plot (via wiki): Two years ago, a pair of idols, Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amō, collectively known as ZweiWing, fought against an alien race known as Noise using armor known as Symphogear. To protect...
  8. Quinn

    Healthy snacks?

    Does anyone know of some healthy, but tasty snacks? I've been eating 2 tbsps. of cottage cheese and a carrot/celery and it's starting to get a little boring. So I was looking for something tasty that is low in calories. Any ideas?
  9. Quinn


    Toradora!'s story begins with the male protagonist Ryūji Takasu who is frustrated at trying to look his best as he enters his second year of high school. Despite his gentle personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent, so he feels utterly hopeless about his chances of...
  10. Quinn


    This romantic comedy series is about the story of Kazuki Shikimori, a second year student of the prestigious magic school, Aoi Academy. Unlike ordinary people who can use magic less than a hundred times and several of his classmates, who can use magic several thousand times, Kazuki can only use...
  11. Quinn

    Ouran High School Host Club

    Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at Ouran Academy. Looking for a quiet place to study, Haruhi discovers the Host Club, a group of six male students who like to entertain the female students who apparently have "too much time on their hands." During the discovery of the Host Club, Haruhi...
  12. Quinn

    Quinn's Application

    Games you play: LOL, FNAF Main Game: League of Legends Age: 24 Gender: Female Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic...