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  1. Sidonis

    Mankrik | Prime Time | Queue

    Here's why: Layered Realms Update
  2. Sidonis

    Dire Maul available 10/15/19 separate from Phase 2

  3. Sidonis

    Alternate Timeline Classic

    So we were discussing this the other day...
  4. Sidonis

    D3 Who wants to be a Zillionaire? | 6/15 8PM EST

    I'll be hijacking Entropian1960 and Lycan 's game night and putting groups together for Vault / Ancient Vault in the Diablo After Dark channel on Discord.
  5. Sidonis

    S17 HC Leveling

    Not running this as an event unless I see enough interest, but I would like to level together with anyone that usually makes a HC character sometime after the initial rush to 70 on regular. LordWarlock I know you usually do on your other account, did you have an idea of when you would be doing...
  6. Sidonis

    2.6.5 is now live in Americas
  7. Sidonis

    S17 | Sage Lancer

    Open critiquing welcome, keep in mind this is an 800+ Paragon build for farming DB/Gold/Bounties that will be a secondary set I put together later on.
  8. Sidonis

    S17 | LoN | Command Skeletons

    So with LoN seasonal buff freeing up the ring slots, what's everyone's thoughts on rings? Krysbin's Sentence - Still cubed Stone of Jordan - static 20% to physical damage (Thorns) -AND/OR- CoE - 300% physical and poison damage bonuses on rotation -AND/OR- ORotZ - Higher uptime on...
  9. Sidonis

    "Uber Ex Machina" Hellfire Farming 8PM EST

    Who: Anyone that needs Hellfire Amulets (zMonk, DH UE/Multi, Charge Barb, etc) What: Uber boss farming for Hellfire Amulets When: Wednesday, October 3rd 8P-10P EST Where: Discord, D3 LFG Channel Why: Because RNG is a jerk How: I'll have a stash of keys, as well as anyone else that wants to help...
  10. Sidonis

    "Stay a While and Listen" D3 S15 Catch-Up Night #2 Event 8PM EST

    Who: Sidonis What: Fever Beats & Torment VI Nephalem Rifts to catch people up to 70 When: Wednesday September 26th, 8pm-10pm EST Where: Diablo 3 LFG channel, Discord Why: To make friends and slaughter entities How: Show up, speak up. Newly 70 looking to gear and additional character leveling is...
  11. Sidonis

    Seasonal Haedrigs Gift

    Provided Blizzard continues to follow its rotation of the sets:
  12. Sidonis

    Game Night | 8-12-18 | Hellfire Necks

    I have enough uber keys for each boss to craft 60 necks (full inventory) even if the drops are stingy, if you have need of rolling a hellfire neck I'll be hosting a group for that during game night tonight.
  13. Sidonis

    Approved: Sidonis's Application

    Games you play: D3, HotS Age: 39 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: Sidonis#1925 MMO Username: Steam Username: SidonisAntares xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes How did you...