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  1. DrSmitherine

    PC 1.0 Update #23 Sorry I am a bit late on this one I have been swamped with school. There are more bug fixes and some QoL changes. They have added a new headgun named the Scorpion- Uses 9mm ammo, it can load up to 20. One of my...
  2. DrSmitherine

    News: FaceIt comes to PUBG For those of you are unfamiliar with FaceIt, it is a 3rd party ranking system. They run leagues and have there own seasons and competitions which are extremely fun. With the launch of it they are doing a...
  3. DrSmitherine

    Pubg updated PC 1.0

    We have finally got a rank system going with pubg and region lock has been introduced! There is also a trade up system that is being introduced that you can trade up your skins/clothes for better ones. A quick wheel has been added for meds and throwables to make life a bit easier. This of course...
  4. DrSmitherine

    Game night Update (Looking for a PUBG game night host)

    Unfortunately for the time being I will be unable to host game nights since you can not play PUBG on a mac. I am exploring ways around this so in the mean time I am trying to find someone who would be willing to start doing games nights for PUBG since it there has been expressed interest in...
  5. DrSmitherine

    Reward System Improvement

    Part of the fix PUBG campaign is the reward system Before Kills+Damage Dealt+Final Rank = Reward After Kills+Damage Dealt+Final Rank+Play Time = Reward Full article:
  6. DrSmitherine

    PUBG September 5th update A short explanation of the update: "We’ve got a big update for you all today! Alongside additional FIX PUBG progress, we’re releasing the heavily requested Training Mode, the brand new MK47 Mutant, the already...
  7. DrSmitherine

    PUBG game night!

    Hey all! I recently become the XO for the pubg section and I am interested in getting a game night going for this fantastic game! For everyone who would like to participate in this game night I ask you to post the best days and times that would work for you. Also if you could post your timezone...
  8. DrSmitherine

    August 1st patch notes!

    Here is a link to the update that was launched on August 1st! PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS :: PC 1.0 Update #19 Nothing to big was changed in this patch. There were many bug fixes and some UI changes to make gameplay a bit easier. Some random clusters of houses were added in some areas of...
  9. DrSmitherine

    Favorite moment from HSC

    this was hands down, imo, the funniest moment of all HSC Twitch and of course its from Geoff
  10. DrSmitherine

    Help for toss players

    I am a m2/m1 toss player on NA. If anyone needs any help feel free to message me or send me your replays and I'll offer all the help I can :D
  11. DrSmitherine

    Approved: DrSmitherine's Application

    Games you play: Starcraft 2 Age: 19 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: SippyCup League of Legends or other Moba Username: CupOfNoobles tag: SippyCup#11696 MMO Username: Steam Username: I am the bat xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and...
  12. DrSmitherine

    Selling cape mod

    I am not sure how old it is but it works perfect. I have the battery charger. please pm me if your interested! Ps sorry if posted in wrong spot. looking for 40$ for it
  13. DrSmitherine

    Anyone still play bf4?

    I am getting back into it and looking for good active servers to play on
  14. DrSmitherine

    team games

    I am looking for some(s) to play some team games with. I dont care what your rank is it doesnt matter to me! add me if your interestd DrSmitherine 1839
  15. DrSmitherine

    Need help for a history project (interview)

    For my history class I am suppose to interview someone who immigrated to the United States. If you are interested in helping me please PM me. Thank you!
  16. DrSmitherine

    Halo for PC

    Are there any other halo games for PC besides 1 and 2?
  17. DrSmitherine

    Masters again!

    I finally got back to masters :D. After finals week is over I am going to push for GM!
  18. DrSmitherine

    Liberator nerf

    Does anyone else think that the liberator is just wayy to strong early/mid/late game? Or am I the only one who thinks that?
  19. DrSmitherine

    When does the ladder lock?

    I know they extended this season, did they also change the time that it is locking too?
  20. DrSmitherine

    I am back to stay <3

    I underwent surgery a few weeks ago and I am now well enough to play :D. Hope to see you guys online and on TS
  21. DrSmitherine

    Who is going to buy LOTV

    After playng 500+ games on LOTV i have grow to really love the new changes they have made. I can now see what they are tryihng to push for and i am really liking the direction that they are going for. Who else is going to buy this wonderful game :D
  22. DrSmitherine

    LOTV thoughts?

    I dont think i am going to buy it. I really hate these macro changes. I keep getting detained in my base and run out of minerals and then cant do anything. what do you guys think?
  23. DrSmitherine

    where to buy off roading go carts

    Does anyone have any advice? I am looking for a stick shift off roading one. I am looking to buy it fully built. Does anyone have any suggestions of stores to go to?
  24. DrSmitherine

    Smurf account

    Does anyone have a Silver smurf account that they are willing to lend me for a little bit? Ill give you FC coins. Message me if you are willing thanks!
  25. DrSmitherine

    Gonna have to put the team on hold

    Sorry guys i had nasal surgery the other day and with all the pain killers my brain is not working very well XD. You guys can start practicing if you would like but i cant play strategy games. I should be able to play in like the next 2 to 3 weeks. sorry for the delays