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    Karazhan Card Unlocks

    Just in case you guys haven't seen it already, here is a link to where you can expect to unlock all the kara cards in the new adventure Where to Unlock Each Card from One Night in Karazhan - News - HearthPwn
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    Meta Snapshot 7-17-2016 and possible new adventure

    Tempo Storm Ok guys so it's been a few weeks since I did one of theses because I have been away on some RL issues but I'm back now so I'm here to give you guys my analysis of the current meta as well as offer a small personal challenge. Tier 1 remains largely unchanged from the last time I...
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    Aniimated Hearthstone

    Jaina v Gul'dan: A Hearthstone Cartoon | Wronchi Animation - YouTube The same group that did the first one. Not as funny but has its moments.
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    Playstation 4: PS Store Sale

    PlayStation Store Sales in North America: June 21 to 27, 2016 A bunch of games on sale with the PS store
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    Meta Snapshot 6-20-16

    Tempo Storm Ok Guys the 3rd Meta Snapshot posted here by me. Sorry for the delay since the last one but Training and RL stuff took priority. Ok so what we're looking at is the return of Zoolock to Tier 1 this time around while Control Warrior takes the top spot. Tier 1 comes honestly...
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    Memorial Day

    Hello everyone. While I realize this is a global clan and Memorial Day is more aimed at the US, I would ask that everyone take a moment to remember the fallen warriors that laid down their lives in defense of their countries. Not just military but also for the Police, Medical Professionals...
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    Meta Snapshot 5-24-16

    Ok so here we have the newest Meta Snapshot: Tempo Storm Remember that this is simply the popularity of the decks on ladder and doesn't really denote their effectiveness just their popularity Looking at the top tier Aggro Shaman remains in place and N'zoth Pally shifts up 2 spots in...
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    Resolved: PM Issue

    Good morning. I've been having issues when sending PMs this morning. When I do I get an error message that says the connection timed out. I'm not sure if this is on my end or not and this is the first time having this issue.
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    Consoles: Masirus's Game Reviews - Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment

    So I thought I would start a little segment of my own here with regards to some of the console games (yes I consider handhelds consoles) that I've played that not a lot of folks may have played or even know about. I'm going with something a little more mainstream this time just to get a feel...
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    TV: Agents of SHIELD

    So is anyone else out there watching this? I have been watching since the beginning (even when it wasn't so good) and was just wondering if anyone else was watching it also.
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    The new standard Meta Snapshot

    TempoStorm So we have the first snapshot of the Meta from tempostorm here. Keep in mind that this meta is for an overall snapshot and may not reflect your personal meta at any given time. For the new players who are unfamiliar, the meta refers to the popular decks that you will be facing...
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    Free Packs and Cards

    Ok so for those that haven't heard Bliz is running a launch campaign for Whispers of the Old Gods. Logging in during the promotion period will get you a free copy of C'thun and 2 copies of the Beckoner of Evil. In addition to that you will also get 3 WotOG packs. But there's more beyond...
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    Patch 5.0.0

    Ok so for those that don't know patch 5.0.0 dropped yesterday and with it the updates to the cards that I mentioned in my previous post. Basically what this all means is that for a small period you can disenchant all the cards that were changed and receive full dust value for them. I would...
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    Console RPGs

    I know this is probably supposed to be a forum for the online RPGs and getting folks to play with, but I'm curious if there are any console RPG players out there. You know the ones like Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy (Not the online ones), Tales of, and even Kingdom Hearts. I know that in...
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    Upcoming Card Changes

    Well we knew it was coming but here it is at last. The upcoming changes to the classic and basic cards. Druid: Ancient of Lore- 7 Mana cost 5/5 : Choose one: Draw a card (down from two) or restore 5 health. This is a really big change despite how it looks. Druid's speed gets reduced quite...
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    Lady Liadrin

    If you guys haven't heard, Lady Liadrin is able to be unlocked now. All you have to do is level a character in WoW to 20. It can be done on starter accounts too.
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    Anyone Still Playing?

    So I was thinking of dusting this game off in my steam library and was wondering if any folks here were still playing. It's always more fun to play with people than alone (unless you're farming for that 1 particular item XD)
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    Some good hearthstone reading

    I found the information in here pretty good and thought I would share it. Sorry if this is a repeat for some folks. How to Reach Legend - Hearthstone Players
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    Approved: Masirus's Application

    Games you play: Hearthstone, WoW, Diablo III Main Game: Hearthstone Age: 33 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: Masirus#1475 MMO Username: Steam Username: Masirus xFire Username: Other Usernames: Masirus Do...