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    Halo Wars 2

    Is there anyone playing this game and that is playing blitz mode in this to let me know
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    Wanted Terraria

    will to give all my fever coins for this game if anyone want to get it for me that would rock let me know. PM me if your going to
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    I am looking for people to play and would love to get a game night going for this game
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    Starcraft 2: Need Help

    Need Protoss help need to know what to build for all games ie PvZ PvP PvT plz some help me would like to know or set up time this weekend
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    Protoss Master Race
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    hey guys i am back

    what is up guys i am back and i have been gone for a while and let get back to starcraft and making stuff good looking to play games or stuff
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    alright guys to let you know that game night is back up and running it will be every week on Friday and Saturday night at 9:00ESt so all is welcome to come and have a good time and i will hope to see your guys we will be meeting up in the fever game night channel just look for me up there...
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    The Militia Force is looking for people

    The Militia Forces is looking for people. We need people from Bronze to Gold!! We are looking for 6 more people to join! It does not matter if you have only 1 game played, or if have been playing since the game was released, we need all races and play styles to join. So if you're looking for...
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    Game night

    there was so many people and it was one of the best game night that we have had
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    The Militia Force is looking for people

    Militia is looking for 6 people if you would like to join PM me on here or coming find me in the the Team Speak need poeple Bronze-Master
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    what is the best s=Reace

    what is the best starcraft 2 race and why i am a fan of protoss do the fact that they have so many cool things for from the void lolz
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    clan war with starcraft teams

    I want to put my team up and have a fun time doing it and let me know you know if your team want to let do it
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    hi and how is life going for everyone in the fever clan
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    what to do as zerg

    plz help m,e out switching to zerg from toss need help ty
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    bigc1788's Application

    Games you play: starcraft 2 Main Game: Starcraft 2 Age: 25 Gender: Male Country: United States MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Starcraft 2 Username: rezolled 765 SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a...