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  1. Ravenfist

    Approved: Ravenfist's Application

    Games you play: Battlefield 4, battlefront Main Game: BattleField Series Age: 26 Gender: Male Country: Sweden FPS Username: Ravenfist89 League of Legends or other Moba Username: Ravenfist89 tag: Ravenfist89 MMO Username: Steam Username: ravenfist89 xFire Username: Other Usernames...
  2. Ravenfist

    Hardline, what do you think of it?

    First of all, hi im Ravenfist, alot of you probebly remember me, some of you dont, im no longer a member of Fever sicne i joined another clan. but i still hang in Ts from time to time to game with some of the goods friends i have here. So the Battlefield hardline Beta has been going on...
  3. Ravenfist

    Thank you all for the 4 years

    Hi guys some of u might know me and some of you might not. But iv been with fever for alittle more then 4 years now. Iv been a member a officer and a vetted ..both of them. Fever clan was the first clan i was ever serious in, and iv had ALOT of laughs in here. iv seen friends come and gone in...
  4. Ravenfist


    So iv recently started to stream on twitch. pretty much only BF4 and no specific schedual yet. but we will see :P your all welcome to watch ofcourse! I will however mostly strem during the last half of the week :P Linke here: Twitch
  5. Ravenfist

    Resolved: right click dont work

    so i have a problem iv never seen before.... I cant right click my mouse, cause it jsut shuts down all Documents files and send me back to my desktop... i get all the options as "view, sort by, refresh, create new folder" but after half a second, it shuts down all documents open, and send my...
  6. Ravenfist

    Dead Island 2

    so just saw the trailer for hte new dead island.... im not a big fan of companys jsut showing cinematic trailers. but daaamn i fricking LOVE this song, and its a funny trailer aswell ;) thought i should share for the peeps who havent seen it :P
  7. Ravenfist

    Clan match?

    So me and a agbourke and Wardog wer eplaying alot at the clan SEC-8s server, and we were talking with them about possible having a friendly clanmatch with them in the near future, so im just gonna check here who would be interested in that and set it up. so who would like to have a clan game...
  8. Ravenfist

    does being member of a gamin clan help ppl accept ppl?

    So as the title says, does being a member of a gaming clan (a big one) help ppl look past their apperence/nationality and believs? Me myself believe so, first you cant see the person, and the first thing u notice is how that person acts on TS, after u then see the person u dont really care...
  9. Ravenfist

    BF4 Gamenight video!

    So this is my FIRST video since pretty much forever, so its like an experiment. Unfortunate for DrSmitherine he is a big part of this as my guine pig.... im sry mate, hope u will forgive me! But let me know what u think, and i probebly will make a few more of these gamenight vids and more...
  10. Ravenfist

    freaking Oculus rift!

    So currently im doing kind of an Internship on a company to get a specific degree on business salesman (wich im currently in college to become) and one of the dudes in this company got an Oculus rift, and he will be loaning it to me since he as also a gamer and he knows im one aswell! so this...
  11. Ravenfist

    This is why being a racist is dumb!
  12. Ravenfist

    Loved this commercial

    So this is a commercial from Sweden from 2001, from the company "Friends" wich tries to help bullied ppl, and make stupid ppl stop bullying others. This is one of the few things that made me stepping up, when i saw ppl getting bullied in school. There is not much i hate more then ppl getting...
  13. Ravenfist

    Closed: all videos and game lagging, as as i touch mouse it works fine

    so as the title says, all movies/videos lags after a few sec on my computer, even all the game start to lag. but as SOON as i move my mouse, it works perfecly again. i can watch movies e.g Vlc or youtube, as long as i move my mouse around 1 time each minut. the games i can handle, since it only...
  14. Ravenfist

    Map completion 100% ?

    yo peeps! im trying to get 100% and im at 98% atm, got all the maps, and all the WvW maps aswell (well..i got 1 POI left) ...whats left? there are no Quest or skill quest left :O and i cant for my life get whats wrong.... any1 who can be of assistance? :P
  15. Ravenfist

    Closed: New Graphic Card

    soo, i just ordered my new GC : EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SC and ofc im happy with the choice i made, iv chekced different rewievs of it and all that. so im just here to see what you guys think of it? any1 have it? heres the link for some info on the card: EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SC
  16. Ravenfist

    Gonna stea lall your stuff!

    Gonna steal all your stuff! BEST 6 SEC LONG MOVIE! OF....ALL...TIME!! laughed my fricking ASS off xD this guy is the bomb!
  17. Ravenfist

    sending ppl to mars

    soo, they are planning to send ppl to mars to live there. the yare looking for voulenteers right now. the draw back? they have to be able to live the rest of their lives on mars. since they might not be able to give them "a ride home". you can read mor about it here: Mars ftw! so what do you...
  18. Ravenfist

    get a summer cat?

    soo, i just heard of a family that got a "summercat" (a little kitty) last summer, at their vacation house. then after their vacation was over, they left the cat. next summer they found it under a pile of leafs dead. starved to death prolly. that makes me so angry! any1 agree?
  19. Ravenfist

    a 80m long match ending this way? xD

    so, me Jester a young dude to young to be in this clan (but really mature and great dude) with a few other friends went up with this lol game. and it was sooo fricking intense i cant even describe it! in the end of the game, its was liek a cat and mouse game, neither team wanting to fully...
  20. Ravenfist

    How animals eat their food?

    nothing need to be said... watch the damn movie! xD
  21. Ravenfist

    The north korea crisis

    So im guessing EVERYONE knows about all the threats north korea been throwing around lately yes? som my question is, what du you guys think of this? think the yreall have gone nuculer? will they actully do anything? is it really true they got unicorns over there? DEBATE!
  22. Ravenfist

    Nostalgic video golden boy!

    haha found this on YT, man i LVOE Golden boy, so awsome xD hes such a retard. but i laughed my ass off firt time i saw that anime xD
  23. Ravenfist

    Resolved: my comp is messing with me!

    So, my computer starts to beep (liek when u get an alert windows msg) 11 times like in a 5 min period (5 min after the first 11 beeps its startign to beep 11 times again) noo idea whats wrong, i checked the antivirus protection and scanned my comp, with no result. any1 know anything about...
  24. Ravenfist

    Eurovision song Contest = sean banan!

    sooo, dunno how many you you ppl know about ESC we have here in EU, but sweden have a kinda famous ..."clown" xD called sean banan, were the average swedish erson is boring he got all the "craziness" here is his performance probebly wont understand what hes singing.... its barely...
  25. Ravenfist

    Video: Russia is gonna invade sweden!!

    So here is the deal: sometime ago our commander in chief stated that sweden wouldent last 1 week if the russians were to attack us (why they would no1 knows) and alot of ppl dident agree with him and so on, yada yada yada. but heres where the fun starts! The russians most watched tv...