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  1. chilidogstain

    Sad news - Cheeseburger Soup will go offline November 3rd

    Sorry I've decided to stop running Cheeseburger soup. I haven't had enough time to really make it competitive with other servers, so the activity level has been very low. Because of this I'll be turning Cheeseburger soup off. It was a lot of fun and maybe the stand alone will bring new...
  2. chilidogstain

    quiet out there

    It's been pretty quiet in the land of DayZ
  3. chilidogstain

    The Cheeseburger Soup Server has been updated to OverWatch 0.2.3

    I've updated Cheeseburger soup to Overwatch 0.2.3 You'll need to update your DayZ Commander. The first log in can be a little slow. Here is the IP
  4. chilidogstain

    DayZ Standalone 1 Hour Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1
  5. chilidogstain

    Why I don't play breaking point Dayz.

    We played for like a half hour and were hounded by bloodsuckers.
  6. chilidogstain

    Cheeseburger Soup update to Overwatch 0.2.1

    Cheeseburger Soup update to Overwatch 0.2.2 Changelog 0.2.2 Changed - Moved to DayZ code Due to issues with 1.7.6 - This should help on stability & Dsync Changed - Blackhawk Ammo lowered to 400 pr minigun Changed - 4 Extra 240 ammo on UH-1H Changed - zombie_agent.fsm and...
  7. chilidogstain

    Cheeseburger Soup is down at the moment

    Cheeseburger Soup is down at the moment - FIXED!!! back operational Sorry but Cheeseburger Soup is offline. I'm trying to get it functional as soon as I can.
  8. chilidogstain

    Cheeseburger Soup Server is back and with OVERWATCH

    Cheeseburger Soup is back up and running with OverWatch. If you'd like to play the IP is: Overwatch is sort of like Breakingpoint with out some of the issues. The first log in can be a little slow so be patient.
  9. chilidogstain

    DayZ overwatch?

    Hey anyone know about DayZ OverWatch? I've heard it's like BreakingPoint but not Broken? I can change my server to it.
  10. chilidogstain

    God Mode not needed - almost

    I just couldn't die
  11. chilidogstain

    Cheeseburger Soup over taken

    Hey Dayz Fever members, It looks like a large organized group has taken over Cheeseburger Soup. There are 6 to7 of them now, they seem friendly but they are growing and gearing up. It's great to see activity on the server again. I don't think the few fever members that play on...
  12. chilidogstain

    Learning to Fly in Dayz

    514Donny this one is for you man
  13. chilidogstain

    Back to our old DayZ shenanigans

    Stealth and I logged into a random server looking to pick a fight. We weren't able to record the whole thing but it was really fun. We broke through 4 roadblocks and killed several. The desync was so bad we could barely play. We recorded some of the fun.
  14. chilidogstain

    Fun times from when we first started playing DayZ

    Corse Stealth
  15. chilidogstain

    CheeseBurger Soup DayZ back to Chernarus

    Hey everyone, We've put CheeseBurger soup back to Chernarus. Several of us were on last night with a few randoms and it was good times. Come join us.... The more active the server looks the more people that join.
  16. chilidogstain

    Cheeseburger Soup DayZ server - Epoch

    Hello all, It looks like Epoch is now an option for the mods that I can run on the server. Anyone interested?
  17. chilidogstain

    DayZ Rmod - again

    I loaded up Rmod again on the server.. Haven't been too many people playing so I figured I'd try it out.
  18. chilidogstain

    DayZ - Bad driving
  19. chilidogstain

    Our first PVP for Fever members goes wrong
  20. chilidogstain

    FeverClan DayZ PVP night

    Would anyone be interested in a FeverClan PVP night. I could set the server with a password and have everyone spawn with PVP gear with the server set to night. Most likely on a Sunday or something? Let me know your comments and thoughts.
  21. chilidogstain

    DayZ - The legend of HatchetJOE

    Joe's legend continues to grow and here is why....
  22. chilidogstain

    The dramatic side of DayZ

    I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no Melancholy. ~Charles Baudelaire Those who play with the devil's toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword. ~R. Buckminster Fuller
  23. chilidogstain

    More DayZ standalone video
  24. chilidogstain

    DayZ - Cheeseburger Soup Server back to normal

    Well our DayZ Chernarus server is upgraded and fully function with the basic map. The hardware upgrade was driven by the hosting company. New IP: Everything seems to be working now however I think because of the IP change we've lost some of the regulars. Hopefully we...
  25. chilidogstain

    Cheeseburger Soup getting upgraded

    Our server at listed under Cheeseburger Soup will be upgraded in the next 24 hrs. The Server IP will change. I will do everything I can to restore all vehicles and gear after the upgrade. Once I have the new IP, I will post in a reply to this thread...