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    Beginner ~140 Games looking for teammates or people who teach me

    Hey as the title says :) Im 20 yr old male from germany I can understand english very good and im able to speak it at least fluently (keep in mind its not my birth language) played some league of legends in the past so im good with teamplay and stuff and watched alot of guides and stuff so i...
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    Recommend: Age of Empires Online (free2play)

    currently im playing aoeo and i must say its great (like aoe 2) so if anyone of u is getting it (for example dl on steam) just let me know im playing on the server Marathon and would be glad for some rounds of coop or pvp :D
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    Anyone here that knows hammer a bit and can help me solve this prob?

    hey guys as the title says im currently getting a bug after creating a simple map its just all black near the player should be because of fullbright light but i dont know how to solve this i alrdy made other lights etc but nothing helped ... :( things that are far away can be seen without...
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    Won a prepaidcard code for leagues but isnt usable on eu

    7 1 8 0 8 3 4 1 4 6 try out if it works for you i won it but i guess it can only be used in the us ... let me know if it worked so i will post other codes if i win more